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Hemp Nitrogen-Sealed Flower Can (3.5g)

    Hemp Nitrogen-Sealed Flower Can (3.5g)


    Our premium quality hybrid flower is grown in superior outdoor natural conditions and contains no unnecessary additives, chemicals or pesticides.

    Freshly picked small-to-medium nugs are hand trimmed and immediately can sealed in a patented nitrogen (n2) canning process, that removes all oxygen for an ultra fresh, long life product.

    Shelf live guaranteed to exceed 700 days for an exceptional user experience. 3.5 gram cans.

    Also available in 1 gram packets.


    Lab testing 

    All products are 3rd party tested with a Certificate of Analyst (COA).

    To learn more about the lab testing of our vendors, click here.


    100% Natural Hemp Flower, Includes Natures Natural Terpenes


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