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Honey comb funnel bowl



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Honey Comb Funnel Bowl - A Quick Intro

For your dried herbs, you require efficient bowls that do not upend your session with snafus and nasty surprises. 

Any session can go lopsided by burning your throat or giving you a serving of nasty herb ash or other remnants in your pipe, bowl, or rig. The solution is a proper bowl with a structure and design worthy of your time.

That’s why the honey comb funnel bowl by LA Pipes is so useful. Honey comb designed bowls improve your sessions by streamlining airflow and keeping debris from getting sucked into the mouthpiece. 

That means fewer surprises and less annoying cleaning duties as well. 

That does not mean you do not have to clean this bowl; on the contrary! It is just easier; use a paper clip or other small tool to poke into the holes of the bowl and rid it of grime. 

Honey Comb Funnel Bowl Features 

Simple Cleaning

Use a paper clip to clean this bowl by poking it into the honey comb holes to loosen up debris, dirt, and grime. Do this regularly, as build up will accumulate over time, and cleaning will become more difficult. 

Air Flow and Filtration

The best thing about a honey comb bowl is the fact that it improves air filtration due to its style and structure. Debris is kept out of the mouthpiece (and your mouth) via the honeycomb grid catching any excess particles and debris while you are using your pipe. 

What’s included:

  • Honey Comb Funnel Bowl
Honey comb funnel bowl

Honey comb funnel bowl