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Honeypaper Pure PTFE Roll
Honeypaper Pure PTFE Roll
Honeypaper Pure PTFE Roll

Honeypaper Pure PTFE Roll

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  • Product Description

    Honeypaper from HoneyWorks is a non-stick PTFE roll which is the perfect paper for dealing with sticky concentrates. The non-polar solvents also make the roll ideal for a liner for extraction equipment, or a sleeve for glass-on-glass joints.


    • Laboratory Grade PTFE Film

    • Fully Reusable

    • Heat Resistant To 260F

    • Ideal For Extraction Equipment


    Heat Resistant

    The non-stick PTFE roll is extremely heat-resistant and can deal with temperatures of up to 260 Fahrenheit. Though it is important not to heat in excess of 260C, as it will cause damage to the paper.

    Reusable Paper

    Honeypaper can be cut, scored, folded and reused many times, making it a great alternative to parchment paper. Each roll measures 40cm x 152cm – approx. 16” x 60”.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand HoneyWorks
    concentrate utensils Preparation / Protective