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Plasma GQ HoneyStick

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Who Should Buy HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer?

If you are a vape connoisseur looking for a powerful, highly pocketable vape at a great price, you should definitely have the HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer on your radar!

If you believe the best tasting hits can only come from tabletop vaporizers, think again. The Plasma GQ HoneyStick has found a way for your concentrates to never come in contact with the heating element.

HoneyStick has caught lightning in a bottle with a vape pen that is as powerful as a full tabletop setup.

Why You’ll Love HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer?

Flavor-chasing vapor enthusiasts will love the Honesystick Plasma GQ.

This pen vape features a proprietary heating element that keeps your wax concentrates and the coil heating element separate, reducing any chances of combustion. The result is vapor that is flavorful and heated to perfection!

Thanks to a glass bowl hovering above the heating element, your concentrates will be superheated without losing any flavor. Because of the space between your concentrates and the heating element, this vape pen goes up to 850°F. The Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer can handle all sorts of concentrates from waxes and crumbles to dabs and slabs. 

How To Use HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer?

1. How To Operate HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer

With the device turned off, remove the glass piece and mouthpiece from the rest of the HoneyStick Plasma.

Dab your extract into the quartz bowl and then replace the glass piece & mouthpiece.

Press the power button 5 times to turn on the device, press the power button 3x to toggle between the two preset temperatures.

Hold down the power button for a few seconds to start heating, continue pressing the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

To get the best flavor from your HoneyStick GQ, make sure not to overfill the heating chamber. Overfilling will make it difficult for the heating element to heat up the material evenly.

Also, make sure to keep your device charged. If the battery falls too low, the power source may have a harder time reaching operating temperature.

Lastly, keep your HoneyStick vaporizer clean! Allowing too much residue to build up will affect the flavor and overall quality of your vapor.

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

To clean the HoneyStick GQ, use a cotton swab dipped in a bit of isopropyl alcohol to carefully wipe away any leftover resin spots. 

Just be sure not to oversaturate the heating element or any of the components that heat up.

Also be sure to let the unit dry completely before using it for your next session.

Finally, it might be beneficial to run your GQ through a burn-off cycle to evaporate any lingering alcohol. 

Top 5 HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer Features 

Proprietary Heating Element

The Plasma GQ was specifically designed with a specialized proprietary heating element. With this build, the heating coil never comes into contact with the wax concentrate. This makes the device extremely easy to clean and far less likely to burn your material.

1200mAh High Capacity Battery

The HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer features a powerful 1200mAh battery that will sufficiently heat up any and all the concentrates you can throw at it. It's built to last and will give you up to 40 minutes of use!

Quartz Glass

Quartz is well known for its durability and ability to resist high temperatures. Additionally, the neutral quartz material keeps the flavor of your favorite wax concentrates pure and free from any contaminants. 

5 Second Heat-up Time

The powerful proprietary heating element of the HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax heats up to operating temperature in five seconds! That means you can spend less time waiting for the unit to heat up and more time vaping!

Sleek, Compact Build

The compact design of the HoneyStick Plasma GQ will fit comfortably into any pocket and is still discreet enough not to draw too much attention. It is also a sleek and modern vape pen with an elegant build.

What’s included:

  • 1x HoneyStick Plasma GQ
  • 1x Replacement glass piece
  • 1x Dab tool
  • 2x Isopropyl alcohol tips
  • 1x USB charger

Technical Specifications:


Wax Concentrate

Temperature settings

650°F, 850°F

Charging time

2-3 hours

Battery length

3-40 minutes

Battery Capacity

1200 mAh

Build Material









90 days

5 Most Important Questions About HoneyStick Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer

Q1: Can I use dry herbs in my HoneyStick Plasma GQ?

No, the Honey pen was specifically designed to be used with wax concentrates.

Q2: How to power off the HoneyStick Plasma?

To power off the Plasma vaporizer, press the power button five times in rapid succession.

Q3: My vaporizer is blinking blue. What does that mean?

Usually this means that GQ products have detected an issue with the atomizer. Reseat the cartridge and try again.

Q4: Does the HoneyStick Plasma have a 510 thread?

No, the Plasma GQ does not have a threading for a 510 cartridge. 

Q5: What kind of charger does the HoneyStick use?

The HoneyStick Plasma comes packaged with a Micro-USB charging cable for charging.

Plasma GQ HoneyStick

Plasma GQ HoneyStick