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Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Water Pipe

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Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Water Pipe

The Flying Angel Water Pipe by Kayd Mayd is unique in multiple ways, but right off the bat you will notice the double barrel construction that really sets it apart. With a pistol grip and unique design, the Flying Angel is a hard one to miss.

The reason for such a unique design? It was designed and then 3D printed by the folks at Kayd Mayd, a breakthrough for the water pipe and vaping industry. With this at Kayd Mayd’s disposal, the creativity and attention to detail is enhanced to the point where you get truly innovative designs like this one. 

The Flying Angel Water Pipe uses safe, healthcare industry grade plastic and PETG tubing to show off its cool design, and is overall pretty indestructible as a result of utilizing plastic instead of borosilicate glass. 

Top 5 Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Rig Features 

Double Barreled Tubing

Get an incredible airflow and great lift with the double tubing as your smoke travels through the water and 2 chances to give you a great lift. 

3D Printing Technology

This technology is not necessarily new, but it is definitely new to the bong and vaporizing industries. It allows innovation and creativity on an unparalleled level, and that is what the folks at Kayd Mayd have taken full advantage of. 

ABS Medical Grade Plastic

Used in the food and medical industries, any concerns about BPA and other harmful chemicals can be put to rest - this plastic is safe for those of us who enjoy bongs and rigs but are concerned about plastic materials. 

PETG Tubing

Similar to ABS medical grade plastic, PETG is safe to use, and is recyclable and tough, similar to acrylic. The chambers are both made of this material and it is lightweight and sturdy. 

Shatter Proof

It’s a no brainer, but it’s a definite good thing - no glass is used on this water pipe, which means it could hit the concrete pavement and no one would bat an eyelid. For frequent users, this is a godsend. 

How To Use the Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Rig

How To Operate the Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Rig

Add water to your Flying Angel Rig via the neck/mouthpiece. Be sure to not overfill 

here. We recommend doing some test inhalations to check for unpleasant splashback.

Grind up your dried herbs to a consistency of your liking and pack the bowl While 

you can pack the bowls as much as you feel is necessary, be sure to not restrict your 

airflow by overpacking. This can easily upend a session and leave you feeling 


Use a lighter to light up your herbs until they glow red, and then simultaneously inhale

at the mouthpiece, gently. 

How To Get Cool Hits From the Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Rig

Water levels are integral to a good sesh, as well as herbal packing style. 

Too little of a pack can end a sesh on a charred, unappealing note, while overpacking 

can restrict airflow. Similarly, too much water can splash back, and too little will result 

in a gross, charred sesh. 

Remember to inhale gently and not overdo it, as bong hits can be potent.

Cleanliness is very important, and we will get into this in the following section - but the

Main thing to remember is that .

How To Clean/Maintain the Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Rig

A deep clean will call for 99% isopropyl alcohol, coarse salts, and of course, water. 

In a solution, mix these together and pour them into the neck of your Flying Angel rig.

Cover the holes and give the unique a good shake, allowing the solution to loosen up 

grime and dirt. 

Detachable parts like the bowl should be submerged in the same solution for 5-10

minutes and then left out to dry.

Ensure that the tubes get attention too, so let the water and alcohol solution infiltrate 

all parts of the bong. Let everything dry before resuming use. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the particular technical specifications of your Flying Angel bong by Kayd Mayd.


7 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolato Type

Diffused Downstem


ABS Medical Grade Plastic

Additional Materials

PETG Tubing




Kayd Mayd

What’s included:

  • Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Rig
  • 14mm Glass Bowl with Handle
  • 3.5 inch diffused downstem
Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Water Pipe

Kayd Mayd Flying Angel Water Pipe