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Kayd Mayd - Sherlock Water pipe

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Kayd Mayd - Sherlock Water pipe

Designed by Kayd Cook with novel 3D printing tech and design, the Sherlock Series water pipe boasts a look and feel unlike any other. Made with specialized plastic (ABS polymer) used in the medical and food industries, this water pipe gives you the durability that all bong and water pipe users long for yet fall short with thanks to the commonly used glass material. 

With the Sherlock, your dry herb sesh is bolstered by the comfort of a specialized, non glass design. You get an easy grip, easy cleaning procedure, and worry free, shatter resistant material. 

Top 5 Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig Features 

3D Printing Tech At Its Best

3D printing technology is what allowed the Kayd team to develop this unique piece of water pipe equipment. With a water pipe this unique, you can stand out from the rest of the crowd and still have a useful, durable bong that is meant for the long haul. 

ABS Polymer Medical Grade Plastic

ABS Polymer plastic has been used to great success in the medical industry thanks to its safety and efficacy. It is also considered “food safe” in the food industry as well, so no worries about flavor interference or any of those nasty BPA chemicals interrupting your sesh.

Durable Material and Shatter Resistant

A bump or an accidental drop are not going to be enough to make this water pipe meet a tragic end. With a plastic encasing, you can have worry free hits and can deal with a bump or 2 here and there without any cause for concern. 

Travel Friendly

Because of the lightweight material used and the unparalleled toughness of this rig, you can bring it with you anywhere - Coachella, camping, road trips, you name it!

Borosilicate Glass Diffused Downstem

To keep with the theme of durable quality materials, your downstem for the Sherlock rig is made of scientific beaker/borosilicate style glass, making for a strong, easy to use and clean attachment. 

How To Use the Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig

How To Operate the Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig

Add water to your Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig via the neck/mouthpiece. Be sure to not overdo it here. If you are unsure, do a few test rips and adjust accordingly to be sure you will not encounter splash back. 

Grind up your dried herbs to a consistency that works for you, then pack your bowl.

Keep in mind that you may want to pack your bowl as much as possible, but too tight of a pack can ultimately cause problems for airflow, while too little can make for a brief and inefficient session. Try to find a moderate, goldilocks point. 

Use a lighter to light up your herbs until they glow red, and then simultaneously inhale at the mouthpiece, making sure to keep your drag careful and slow.

How To Get Cool Hits From the Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig

Water levels, cleanliness, and packing style are several of the culprits when it comes to managing and troubleshooting mediocre sessions. 

Packing style, especially if herbs are not fully grinded all the way, can present issues and sloppy cleaning habits can create buildup of dirt and grime. We explain how to manage cleanliness in the next section.

How To Clean/Maintain the Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig

Coarse salts, 99% alcohol, and good old water are the necessary tools you need to ensure a clean Sherlock Rig. Pour a diluted mixture of this into your bong via the neck, and give it a good shake, then rinse out thoroughly. 

Soak detachable parts in the same solution and leave these to dry. Rinse out your water pipe upon completion and let it dry.

You will want to calibrate your cleaning duties directly to how much you use your Sherlock rig, so be sure to engage in cleaning activities as often as feasible if you are a heavy user.

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the details about the Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig


5.75 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolato Type

Diffused Downstem


3D Printed ABS Polymer Plastic

Made in

United States


Nighttime Blue


Kayd Mayd

What’s included:

  • 1 Kayd Mayd Sherlock Rig
  • 14mm Glass Bowl 
  • 5.75 inch diffuser downstem
Kayd Mayd - Sherlock Water pipe

Kayd Mayd - Sherlock Water pipe