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The Duo Exotic Water Pipe 20.75"

VENDOR: Kayd Mayd

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The Duo Exotic Water Pipe 20.75"

“The Duo” Exotic water pipe is a sizable 3D printed bong courtesy of designer Kayd Cook, also the owner of Kayd Mayd, a manufacturer of 3D printed bongs and rigs. If you take a look at “The Duo” water pipe, you will see that this bong is not made for your average beginner. At 20.75 inches in length, is bigger than even some small children!

Equipped with safe ABS medical grade plastic and innovative PETG tubing for the neck, this is a modern bong with all the features needed to ensure it is a bong for life.  What does this mean for you?

Well for one, the name “The Duo” comes from the fact that you get 2 bowls instead of one, and 2 downstems as well. This means you can create your own herbal blends. As you may imagine, this means this is a bong for the seasoned user. 

Top 5 “The Duo” Exotic Water Pipe Features 

The Duo - Two 4.5mm Glass Bowls

Double the fun, double the effect - you can create your own blends of aromatherapy with The Duo, and as a result get an entirely unique and different experience and effect than you would if it were just your classic singular bowl.

The Duo - Two Downstem Diffusers

Well, two bowls means you need 2 downstems, and these glass downstem diffusers will go a long way towards soothing vapor, and unique vapor at that, if you are the type to experience 

ABS Medical Grade Plastic 

This bong is made of plastic - but worry not about any unsavory taste or health effects, as this is made of ABS medical grade plastic. This is the same plastic used in the food and healthcare industries, meaning you are in good hands. 

No Shatter Hardware!

Plastic, not glass, is what you are getting with The Duo, and as a result you get a shatter proof body, making those bumps and drops and other clumsy moments far less scary.

PETG Tubing

Similar to ABS plastic, PETG tubing is a safe and acrylic like plastic alternative. Like acrylic, PETG is fully recyclable as well. This means you have a pretty well rounded and ethical pipe with The Duo. 

How To Use “The Duo” Exotic Water Pipe

How To Operate “The Duo” Exotic Water Pipe

Add water to your Duo Bong via the neck/mouthpiece. Be sure to not overfill here. 

Kayd Mayd recommends 16 oz of water to keep it consistent. 

Grind up your dried herbs to a consistency of your liking and pack the bowls. While 

you can pack the bowls as much as you feel is necessary, be sure to not restrict your 

airflow by overpacking. 

Use a lighter to light up your herbs until they glow red, and then simultaneously inhale

at the mouthpiece, gently. 

How To Get Cool Hits From “The Duo” Exotic Water Pipe

We recommend watching water levels, as well as herbal packing style. Too little can 

end a sesh on a charred, unappealing note, while overpacking can restrict airflow. 

Remember that you are working with 2 bowls here, so try to keep things uniform.

Cleanliness is an easy and common way to ensure your hits go smooth sailing as well. 

We will go over this in the next section in a bit more detail. 

How To Clean/Maintain “The Duo” Exotic Water Pipe

For a deep clean, you will want to fill up The Duo with water mixed in with coarse salts 

and 99% alcohol, and give the entire unit a good shake. Soak detachable parts like the 

bowls and downstems in the same solution and leave these to dry. Rinse out your

water pipe upon completion and let these and dry. 

You will want to program your cleaning duties directly to how much you use your bong, so be sure to not let build up affect your sessions if you are a heavy user. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the particular tech specs about The Duo Exotic Water Pipe. 


20.75 inches

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolato Type

Diffused Downstem


ABS plastic, PETG Tubing

Bowl Material





Kayd Mayd

What’s included:

  • The Duo Exotic Water Pipe
  • Two 14mm glass bowls
  • Two 4.5 inch glass downstems

    The Duo Exotic Water Pipe 20.75"

    The Duo Exotic Water Pipe 20.75"