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Kingsize Rolling Machine
Kingsize Rolling Machine

Kingsize Rolling Machine

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  • Product Description

    Itu2019s a busy world and Kingsize Rolling Machine comes in handy for smokers who are busy and for beginners. Futurola Rolling Machines are so quick and easy to use and gives you better taste. This is something which comes handy when you are travelling. It gives you perfectly rolled papers and helps you save money. RYO (Roll your own) is becoming more and more popular as it gives smokers perfectly cone shaped cigarettes and saves time.

    Instructions on Rolling Machine u2013 Futurola

    • Open the Roller Machine.
    • Fill the roller with your favorite tobacco/herb; ensure you have filled it evenly. Be careful and do not overfill.
    • Close the rolling machine and use both thumbs to roll the little mat downwards, both sides simultaneously and slowly.
    • Place the cigarette paper straight with the sticky side upwards and facing you, and roll the paper up to the sticky side. Wet the sticky strip and roll the cigarette one full turn making it perfectly roll up.
    • Open the roller and you have your perfect cigarette ready for you to enjoy.
  • Technical Specifications
    brand Futurola
    height 41mm
    length 121mm
    material Acrylic
    width 21mm