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Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap


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Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap - A Quick Intro

This character might look a little familiar to some of you. Whether you know him or not, you'll definitely appreciate what he can do. A good carb cap opens up a whole new world of vape experiences for dab fans, and it even has some utility for dry herb users. It allows you to get more bang for your buck when it comes to your favorite material of choice. 

Top 5 Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap Features 

Striking and Familiar Design

This clearly isn't a licensed product, but it's not hard to see who this character is. Everything about his design screams 'Look at me!' and it would make a truly characterful addition to anyone's dab kit. In fact, some people may even enjoy the quirky bootleg nature of its legally distinct design. 

Designed for use with Most Bongs

The Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap has been carefully designed to work with as many different nails, bongs, dab rigs and bowls as possible. This should work with most of your collection without you having to worry about different join sizes. 


No matter what it looks like, it's important to make sure that your piece does its job. We're happy to say that the Kirkseeks Bubble cap does its job, and does it well. This piece is, first and foremost, an excellent carb cap. All the design after that is simply icing on the cake. 

Bubble Cap Design

This is a bubble-style carb cap. This type of carb cap is designed to work more effectively with flat-top nails or bangers. They can also be used to push oil around the bucket, ensuring that more is consistently vaporized. Thanks to their shape they allow users to enjoy a lot of control.

Cooler Dab Hits

The best thing about a carb cap is that it allows users to enjoy their dab hits at cooler temperatures. By reducing the air pressure in your nail or bucket, they cause concentrate to evaporate more quickly. On top of this, the carb hole allows you to alter the potency of your hits depending on how much you cover it. 

How To Use Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap

How To Operate Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap

First, set up your dab rig and apply heat to your nail with a butane torch. Then, place your concentrates into the nail with a dab tool. Directly after you do this, pop the carb cap over it. Covering the carb hole, start to take a hit. You'll find that the hit is denser and cooler thanks to the vacuum you created. 

How To Get Cool Hits From Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap

This carb cap is designed to allow you to enjoy cooler hits. Simply by using it you'll be getting cooler dab experiences!

How To Clean/Maintain Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap

An occasional wipe down with a little isopropyl alcohol is all you'll need to keep this piece in tip-top shape

Technical Specifications


1 inch



Glass Thickness





Empire Glassworks

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Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap

Kirkseeks Bubble Carb Cap