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LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig



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LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig

LA Pipes has a reputation for great design, and is a kingmaker in the world of glass bongs and rigs. But it is not every day that you see a concentrate rig with this design. Not that it is impossible mind you, just not common. 

That said, you will be getting every last little bit of joy from your concentrates when you use this classic rig. It is durable with a 38 mm tubing glass to make it a powerhouse hunk of hand blown glass.

That is the other thing - all of LA Pipes bongs and glass creations are hand blown in the United States, in sunny Southern California no less. This simple fact underscores the quality factor. 

Your hits will be filtered and diffused by a 6 slit fixed water pipe that can do double the work above and beyond your standard bong. It is also a fixed downstem, so it will not be clanging around on you annoyingly like some of the detachable ones. Plus, the 90 degree joint is great for easy loading up of your concentrates.

This is a relatively mid-sized beaker bong, so enjoy its medium size with friends if you wanna do sessions. 

Top 5 LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig Features

Built In Ice Catcher

This glass dab rig will guarantee icy, pure, luscious smoke from your wax concentrate vapor thanks to the ice catcher, and you will find it hard to not the ice catcher as a result.

Thickest Glass 

With 38 mm tubing, you are secure with the LA Pipes Beaker Dab Rig. Bumps, scratches, clumsy drops - they may happen, but LA Pipes ensures your baby is still standing at the end of the day with the strength of its thick glass. 

Straight Neck

Do not hate on the straight neck style - it is the most foolproof, guaranteed way to get a truly delicious hit of your wax concentrates. 

Flared Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece has a specially designed and constructed glass that makes your hits far more comfortable, fitting perfectly to your mouth for ease and comfort. 

6 slit Fixed Downstem Diffuser Perc

This percolator is fixed, meaning it is not about to clang around on you or make noise or make cleaning involve an extra few steps. 

How To Use the LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig

1. How To Operate the LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig

Fill the beaker bong with water til it just covers the downstem slits - maybe about an inch or so over these slits. Do some test rips if you are unsure about the water level.

You will need a small hand torch to heat up the quartz banger. Aim it at the banger, but away from the bong itself, and heat it up until it starts to glow - maybe about 30-45 seconds.

You will want to wait 30 seconds to a minute for it to cool down after this. Then place your concentrates in the banger bowl, use a dabbing tool to trace it along the rim of the quartz hanger.

As you are doing this, inhale from the mouthpiece to draw smoke upwards, and enjoy!

2. How To Get Cool Hits From the LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig

Do not sleep on the ice catcher - dabbing can give you some pretty intense vapor, so the ice catcher can serve an important purpose. You can do this by adding ice via the mouth of the neck, which will collect at the ice catcher. 

This will make wax concentrate sessions easy on the throat and allowing you to get the most of your extract. 

The showerhead percolator prevents splashback, shores up the flavor and texture to the vapor thanks to its streamlined design; it filters your vapor for a more enjoyable experience. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain the LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig

Cleaning is simple with the LA Pipes Classic 8” dab rig. There are no removable parts except for the banger, so go ahead and wipe it down with some soapy water and let it dry. 

The bong will get the isopropyl treatment, so dilute it with a little bit of water, pour it through the neck of the dab rig, and shake your rig up vigorously (though carefully, do not send it flying!)

This will help loosen up any grime, lessen water stains, and clear your bong of regular buildup. Be sure to do this regularly so you do not have to suffer through mediocre sessions due to icky taste or smell.

Wipe down all parts and let your bong dry thoroughly before using again. 

Technical Specifications

Check out all the technical specifications here for the LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig


8 Inches

Base Diameter

5 inches

Joint Angle

90 degrees

Joint Type


Joint Size

14.5 mm

Made In

United States


Borosilicate Glass



Glass Density

4-6 mm thick

What You Get:

  • LA Pipes Classic 8” Concentrate Beaker Rig
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 38mm Heavy Wall Tubing
  • Banger Hanger Joint
  • Ice Catcher
  • LA Pipes Decal
  • 8” inches Tall
  • 90 degree Joint Angle
  • Fixed Downstem
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Quartz Banger
  • 6 Slit Diffuser Downstem
  • Made in Southern California
LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig

LA Pipes 8” Classic Concentrate Beaker Rig