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LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch



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LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch

LA Pipes brings the fundamentals to the table and has managed to dominate a competitive industry with its industrial grade, dependable glass bongs nad rigs. Today, we bring you an 8 inch classic LA Pipes bong to satisfy all your dry herb needs - this time with an ice pinch for good measure.

You will have zero issue enjoying your dry herbs to the maximum with this particular classically constructed bong. It is highly durable, with scientific glass and 38 mm tubing at the neck. No worries about it suffering any ill-fated damage due to a minor bump or scratch

Oh, and we must remember that all of LA Pipes’ treasured creations are hand blown and created,in sunny Southern California to the joy of customers all over North America. American made products are not always a guarantee in this day and age, so this is a blessing. 

The downstem diffuser, equipped with 6 slits to give you the purest, freshest vapor, is removable, so you can ensure its long shelf life and overall cleanliness. The 45 degree joint will help you get the best bang for your buck with a straight neck and tasty vapor. 

Last, but certainly not least, LA Pipes jazzes up this bong with an ice pinch - and if you know how beneficial these ice pinches can be for your session, then you are going to love this classic medium sized bong. 

Top 5 LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch Features

Built In Ice Pinch

The ice pinch is the integral aspect of this bong, because it is the source of the best vapor, complete with a soothing finish that will get you where you need to go. By enhancing the comfort and flavor, you can rely on this bong long term. 

Thickest Glass 

With 38 mm tubing, LA Pipes provides a level of protection and comfort in case you have klutzy moments - a bump or scratch will not matter much with these small to mid-sized bongs. The strength of the glass ensures that your big will remain standing even if you clumsily give it more bumps or drops than you would like. 

Straight Neck

Straight down the hatch with the straight neck is the best way to enjoy your vapor - without any bells and whistles, you know the straight neck is ensuring your enjoyment. 

Flared Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece has a specially designed and constructed glass that makes your hits far more comfortable, fitting perfectly to your mouth for ease and comfort. 

6 slit Fixed Downstem Diffuser Perc

The 45 degree downstem diffuser his showerhead-looking slits designed to deliver all the vapor produced at the bowl through the water, past the ice, and into your body for a refreshing and flavorful hit. 

How To Use the LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch 

1. How To Operate the LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch 

Fill the beaker bong with water til it just covers the downstem slits - maybe about an inch or so over these slits. There is a chance for you to get it perfectly right by doing some test bong rips to see if the water splashes up at all. 

Use your grinder to get a great pack for your dry herbs; there will be some people who tell you that one way or another is best when it comes to packing, but again this is a trial and error endeavor. 

Add some ice if that is your preference. 

Put your mouth on the flared mouthpiece and light your dried herbs and watch them glow orange. Inhale slowly at the mouthpiece and enjoy the ride. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From the LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch

We have to walk about the ice catcher here, because it really is that great! It is the cherry on top of a bong filtered hit, which is already of a higher level of taste, and the ice catcher just takes it to a new level. Cool, pleasant, soothing, and keeping you coming back for more. 

The ice pinch also helps keep your hits reasonable so they do not irritate the throat too much.

The showerhead percolator is efficient as well at preventing splashback and also has its role in ensuring the flavor of your dried herbs is maintained yet “streamlined” and smoothed out. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain the LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch

Cleaning is simple with this bong. Detach the bowl and let it sit in some isopropyl alcohol for about 5 minutes before rinsing and letting it dry off. Be sure to let it dry off completely. 

The bong will get the same treatment internally, so dilute the isopropyl alcohol with a little bit of water, pour it through the neck of the dab rig, and shake your bong up vigorously, being sure to hold on tight so it does not go flying through your window. 

Buildup, water stains, and grime will all get loosened up while you do this. However, the more you let your bong acquire dirt and grime, the less effective this cleaning process will be. Stay on top of it so you do not have regrets later. 

Wipe down all parts and let your bong dry thoroughly before using again. 

Technical Specifications

Check out all the technical specifications here for the LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch


8 Inches

Base Diameter

5 inches

Joint Angle

45 degrees

Joint Type


Joint Size

18 mm > 14.5 mm

Made In

United States


Borosilicate Glass



Glass Density

4-6 mm thick

What You Get:

  • LA Pipes Basic Straight Tube Bong
  • Luxe Borosilicate Glass
  • 6-Slit Diffuser Downstem
  • 38mm Tubing
  • 8 inch height
  • 45° Joint Angle
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Bowl Piece
  • 3.5” inch diameter base
LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch

LA Pipes 8" Straight Bong with Ice Pinch