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LA Pipes 14" Slim Straight Glass Waterpipe



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LA Pipes 14" Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong - A Quick Intro

Sometimes, the most classic designs are the most ideal.

This luxe glass bong stands a solid 14 inches tall with a slim, towering design that makes your vaping sessions quite efficient thanks to the design. 

LAPipes designed this cool looking bong with borosilicate glass to give it a tough exterior and a sleek, thick base, and a 3 inch ice catcher (totally great for those icy, refreshing hits). 

The diffuser is 18 to 14 mm and removable, making deep cleans possible (and easy at that), and the can base is about 3.5 mm. 

Oh, and a straight top mouthpiece makes the cool hits you crave possible. 

Top 5 LA Pipes 14" Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong Features 

Dual Feature With Included Dry Herb Bowl

Who says it is only a concentrate world? A male dry herb bowl is included for free for those times when you’d just rather enjoy some flower. 

Straight Neck

A straight neck is a streamlined, comfortable way to enjoy flavor and get solid hits. You cannot go wrong with this design

Borosilicate Glass

Toughness, sturdiness, and ease of cleaning are key here, and borosilicate glass (or scientific glass) are the way to go.

Removable Downstem

To ensure that cleaning gets all the necessary parts, a removable downstem is highly beneficial.

Ice Catcher

For the icy, flavorful, smoothest hits, an ice catcher really helps accomplish those hits you crave. 

How To Use LA Pipes 14" Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong

How To Operate LA Pipes 14” Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong

Add water to your bong, ensuring that the water goes above the slits located on your removable percolator/ diffuser. Do not overdo it on this part! You do not want splash back, since that is pretty unpleasant.

If you are unsure, just fill about an inch above the slits and test out the rig before you proceed.

Once you have the bong filled, secure the dab rig to the female joint and make sure it is firmly placed on there with no opportunity to loosen up. Start heating it up (you will need a small blow torch) to a temperature of your liking.

Careful to not overheat on this part, as overheated substances in this context are going to be unpleasant 

After you allow some time for everything to cool down, go ahead and put your wax concentrates into the bowl and stir with a dab tool. While doing this, inhale at the mouthpiece, and try to go easy on this part if this is your first time.

How To Get Cool Hits From LA Pipes 14” Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong

Cleanliness is the by far the best thing you can do to maintain quality hits from your bong. Taste and smoke quality will begin to suffer if your bong has nasty grime and buildup from previous sessions

Make sure you let everything cool down properly. Concentrates can combust, and inhalation will be extremely unpleasant and dangerous. Just be cool, and let it cool!

Use cool or cold water for smooth hits. 

How To Clean/Maintain LA Pipes 14” Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong

Fortunately, cleaning this bong is not very complicated. Just use isopropyl alcohol and perhaps some coarse salt, and pour the solution into your bong, shake it up, making sure to cover air holes in the process. 

After disassembling, go ahead and use the same solution for any removed parts (like the diffuser). 

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the specific technical specifications of your LAPipes 14” Straight Slim Bong


14 inches

Joint Type


Joint Size

14.5 mm

Joint Angle

45 degree

Percolator Type

Showercap Perc


Borosilicate Glass

Glass Thickness



Blue, Black, Clear


LA Pipes

What’s included:

  • LA Pipes 14” Slim Straight Tube Glass Bong
  • Matching Dry Herb Bowl
LA Pipes 14" Slim Straight Glass Waterpipe

LA Pipes 14" Slim Straight Glass Waterpipe