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LA Pipes Pedestal Basic Bong



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LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe - A Quick Intro

With a 45 degree downstem, ice catcher, sturdy glass design, and a pedestal shape, this classic bong does the job with minimal fuss. 

While this bong is more traditional, you are in good hands with LA Pipes, as this is a design meant to last. Thanks to a flared mouthpiece, sessions are comfortable when using this bong, and you can credit the ice catcher for that as well.

Bongs that are not dual featured are legitimate enough; but this one allows you to enjoy concentrates and dried herbs thanks to an included herb bowl, so thumbs up on that! 

For add ons and accessory options for the Pedestal Water Pipe, be sure to look at the Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14mm Downstem in 3.5 inches and the Round Glass Bowl in 14.5mm. Sizing is everything, so take care to double and triple check before you submit your order. 

Top 5 LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe Features 

Ice Catcher

The ice catcher on this bong is going to give you cool, soothing hits with minimal effort. Just fill the bong with ice at the neck opening. 

It’s a no brainer really, and for a vape this size, it’s a great add on to have.

Borosilicate Glass

Also called “scientific glass,” borosilicate glass is tough and boasts a lot of longevity, so this bong is going to be worthy of investment. 

Flared Mouthpiece

A flared mouthpiece seals the deal, literally. You won’t have to worry about escaping smoke here, and the mouthpiece will fit nicely for anyone. 

Straight Neck

A minimalist design means minimal problems for smoke traveling upwards - your hits will be efficient and plentiful. 

Dual Feature

You can enjoy concentrates and dry herbs alike with this bong, thanks to LA Pipes inclusion of a dry herb bowl. 

How To Use LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe

1. How To Operate LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe

Add water via the neck of the beaker, being sure to not overfill, as this will create gross splashback that can ruin the experience. Be sure to fill above the air slits on the diffuser. 

If you are not sure, just fill about an inch above the percolator slits and experiment with a hit or two before proceeding. 

Now that you have the water part down, secure the dab rig to the female joint and ensure it is firmly placed and secured. Start heating it up (a small blowtorch works fine here) to a temperature of your liking, but do not overheat, as this is dangerous and ruins the experience in terms of smoke, flavor, and overall pleasantry.

After you allow some time for everything to cool down, put your wax concentrates into the bowl and stir it up with the dab tool. While doing this, inhale the smoke at the mouthpiece, and we recommend going easy if this is your first time.

2. How To Get Cool Hits From LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe

The best way to get a good hit from your LA Pipes bong is to maintain cleanliness. Do not let buildup happen, as this will just set you back! 

In addition, the ice catcher feature is a lovely feature that goes a long way. Ice cools down and filters smoke, making for a soothing feeling in the throat, and makes sessions far more enjoyable thanks to better flavor.

Remember, no overheating or overfilling! 

How To Clean/Maintain LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe

You do not have to worry about an elaborate cleaning process with this bong. Just use 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salts for a quick session, and be consistent here with the cleaning. To clean, just add this solution into your bong, shake it up vigorously, making sure to cover air holes in the process. 

Do the same with any disassembled parts. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some technical specifications for your Pedestal Water Pipe. 


9 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14.5 mm

Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolator Type

Diffused Downstem


Borosilicate Glass



Made In

Toluca Lake, CA


LA Pipes

What’s included:

  • LA Pipes Pedestal with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe
  • Matching Dry Herb Bowl
  • Includes 4in 18mm to 14mm Downstem
LA Pipes Pedestal Basic Bong

LA Pipes Pedestal Basic Bong