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    10" Twist Water Pipe


    We are struggling to keep this cool bong in stock at all times! By far one of our most popular bongs for sale on everyonedoesit the twist bong really stands out from the crowd. Sure to stand out in any bong owners collection, this particularly attractive water pipe boasts a twist in its neck which both looks great and also acts as an ice notch. Ice notches allows you to place cubes of ice in the neck of the bong. By doing this, you create a channel of cool ice for your smoke to travel through on its way to they mouthpiece. Ice Bongs are becoming more and more commonly seen in the bong market today with it being more than just a novelty in this day and age. While not the largest, standing at a decent 10 inches tall, this bong is by no means small. The twist design used in the neck of this bong is actually quite unique and you will struggle to find a piece similar. The beaker in the main chamber of the bong has a decent capacity and suits the bongs shape perfectly.The downstem is a bong is fixed and contains a number of diffusers used to break up your smoke for smoother rips. At a very reasonable price and with a wide range of fantastic features, this twist water pipe is our best seller for obvious reasons. Get yours today while stocks last!


    The bowl which comes with this bong is one which is particularly deep. The depth of the bowl allows to you really exploit this water bongs features. With huge rips awaiting you, the size of the bowl is perfect for the experienced user while half packed bowls will suffice while you build your confidence.


    The airtight seal this flared mouthpiece creates is both attractive to look at while serving its purpose of preventing the smoke from escaping. Flared mouthpieces are rarely given the credit they deserve and they are particularly important in the function and design of your water pipe.


    The fixed downstem used in this water bong contains a number diffusers which break up your smoke thoroughly to create the smoothest smoking experience possible.


    This piece is built using the strongest possible glass, borosilicate glass. Creating a sturdier and more durable piece by using this material contributes to the longevity of your bong.


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