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    12" Zig-Zag Beaker Bong


    Standing at a powerful 12 inches tall, this bong is particularly unique to look at. It boasts an extremely funky zig zag design that acts as both an impressive visual effect while also increasing the stability of the relatively large neck. Easily gripped this piece is perfect for passing around, it’s glass is premium and thicker than the average bong. The downstem is fixed in place, the mouthpiece is flared and the clear glass allows you to watch your smoke travel through the mesmerizing shape of this bong. The bong is actually quite sturdy and durable, using a beaker base design. The bowl is larger than you would expect in this kind of bong meaning the load you wish to use in entirely at your discretion. Enjoy long lasting, smooth rips with this funky looking cool bong. Check out its most important features in more detail below:


    By using the beaker bong shape, this water pipe increases its stability hugely. Beakers are the most popular style of bong available today. It isn’t by accident that these bongs are this common, they both look superior and have excellent functionality. Much easier to clean and use, the beaker shape is certain to be around for many years to come.


    With a piece of glass as unique as this one, you need to be able to watch your smoke formulate inside the chamber. As this piece is made from high quality clear glass, it couldn’t be any simpler.


    Using a flared mouthpiece increases the appearance of the bong greatly while actually serving a very useful purpose. A flared mouthpiece is an elevated lip around the mouthpiece of the bong creating an airtight seal in the process. Ensuring none of your precious smoke disappears.


    Using a fixed downstem, this piece is much more sturdy than the average. The downstem connects the bowl of your bong with the main chamber and is diffused to ensure that the smoke is easily broken down on its way to the main chamber of the bong.


    The glass used in the construction of this water bong is high grade borosilicate. Thicker than the average piece of glass at this price point, this Zig Zag Beaker bongs longevity is greatly increased as a result.


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