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16" Tree Perc Straight Tube w/ Removable Downstem

VENDOR: High Life

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Straight Tube Bong with Perc

Built using high quality glass, this bong is an excellent example of value for money. The intricacy gone into the design of this bong really sets it aside from the rest. Featuring a number of diffusion opportunities from a very impressive tree perc to a downstem featuring diffusers. These contribute to a smoother all round smoking experience. Using the straight tube style of bong, this piece is beautiful to look at, it's clear glass allows you to watch as the smoke travels and circulates the chamber of the water pipe. As if this bong hadn’t enough great additions, the manufacturers added ice notches to the neck of the piece. Ice notches are known for creating cool smooth hits. Simply add ice cubes to the neck of the piece and the notches will catch them, forcing the smoke to travel through the ice, cooling in the process. Check out this beautiful percolator bongs features in further detail below.


This vertical straight tube bong design is one of the most popular available today! One for the ages it is probably the oldest style. Straightforward in their design, straight bong stand vertically with a circular base for stability. This Perc bong is a fantastic example of the Straight Tube Bong design.


A mixture of colored and clear glass is used in the construction of this piece. The colored accents help to allow the bong to stand out while the clear glass allows you to watch your smoke percolate as it travels throughout your piece. The accents are subtle, with the coloring a very nice addition to a fantastic bong.


Nothing beats adding ice to your bong. Ice notches are far more common in recent years with it almost becoming commonplace. Simply place the ice cubes in the neck of your tube and the ice notches will catch them forcing your smoke to travel through them on the way to the mouthpiece.


Creating an airtight seal on your piece, this flared mouthpiece is perfect for keeping all your valuable smoke or vapor inside the bong. An elevated lip around the mouthpiece creates this seal while also serving a comfortable option for the user.


Downstems connect the bowl of the bong with the main chamber. This piece includes a removable downstem making cleaning easier and the airflow a pleasure.


Tree Percs are fascinating pieces of equipment for your bong. The more arms your tree percs has, more percolation and filtration can take place. Tree percs are usually built using slits on the arms of the percolator to diffuse the smoke as it travels through. This creates truly smooth hits that have been percolated to perfection.


The use of thick scientific glass is being seen more and more frequently in recent years, however, very rarely you will find at this kind of a price. This bong is built using thicker than average scientific boro glass and you can certainly tell the difference. Get yours today and you won’t regret upping your glass game in the slightest!

16" Tree Perc Straight Tube w/ Removable Downstem

16" Tree Perc Straight Tube w/ Removable Downstem

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