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Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler
Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler
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Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler
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  • Product Description

    Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler

    This black colored metal chamber pipe has been decorated with strips and ovals of shiny reflective parts which catch the light and twinkle and glint like stars. The windproof lid of this pipe allows you to enjoy a smoke of your favourite dried products or flavored tobaccos even in blustery conditions.

    Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler Features

    Striking Aesthetic

    Modular Design Makes It Easy To Improve And Upgrade

    Windproof Lid

    Striking Aesthetic

    This fantastic piece has a striking aesthetic thanks to its sparkling body. This piece will stand out in any collection and certainly grab attention.

    Windproof Lid

    There’s nothing worse than struggling to light your pipe and having the wind blow it out constantly! This fantastic pipe has a clever windproof lid that will ensure that mother nature won’t mess with your sesh.

    Modular Design

    All the parts from the mouthpiece, shaft, bowl and lid are standard-sized and removable so it's easy to clean. Spare parts and ad-ons are available widely! Colours will vary.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Unbranded
    length 61mm
    material Metal
    mouthpiece Pinched