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Mini Stemless Inline Glycerine Princess Bong With 8 Pillar Perc

Mini Stemless Inline Glycerine Princess Bong With 8 Pillar Perc

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The Mini Stemless Inline Glycerine Princess Bong With 8 Pillar Perc is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Scientific glass waterpipe from California’s Zob Glass. Features 18.8mm female ground joint, stemless design, inline diffuser, 8 pillar percolator, splashguard and freezable glycerine cooling unit. Finished with Zob decals and vivid green glass accents.


    • American Borosilicate Glass
    • Stemless Design
    • Freezable Glycerine Cooling Section
    • 8 Pillar Percolator


    Made In The USA

    Entirely hand-made from the finest American glass by expert flameworkers at Zob Glass HQ in Los Angeles. This compact bong has a glass wall thickness of 5mm for ultimate strength and heat resistance. Each bong undergoes a series of stringent quality checks before it leaves the studio, so each piece is ready for a lifetime of faithful service.

    Freezable Glycerine Section

    This stemless piece stands just over 11 inches but manages to pack a lot of scientific tech. The inline diffuser breaks up smoke for a smoother action before the 8 pillar percolator takes a hold and aerates the hit again, removing particulates and impurities for a smooth, milky toke. The perc chamber is encased by a glycerine jacket which can be placed in your home freezer. The glycerine doesn’t freeze and remains extremely cold for extended periods to condition your hits with a final frosty blast without the need for ice notches.

    Unmistakably Zob

    Very few glass manufacturers produce work that is as instantly recognisable as a Zob piece. The mini stemless inline glycerine princess bong is no exception. The piece is finished with black and green Zob decals and striking glass accents in vivid green, a real stunner from California’s finest.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Zob Glass
    diffuser Slitted
    glass thichness 5mm
    height 271mm
    material Glass
    percolator Tree Percolator
    width 101mm