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MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

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A Quick Intro

MJ Arsenal has provided us with another top-quality piece of glassware: The Atlas Mini Rig. Passionate dab rig collectors will be familiar with the work of MJ Arsenal. Establishing themselves as a household name in the glassware industry, their quality is consistent. 

The Atlas Mini Rig is a handheld powerhouse in the dab rig world. Carefully crafted with extra-strong borosilicate glass, the design is without flaws. The spherical design allows for maximum water filtration for the smoothest dabs imaginable. These are guaranteed by the honeycomb percolator which filters the smoke further to emphasize the taste of your concentrate. Suitable for beginners and the most experienced consumers, this dab rig leaves nothing to the imagination. 

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig Key Features

1. Design

The Atlas Mini Rig boasts an extravagant design, crafted from extra-strong borosilicate glass. This glass is thermo-resistant, meaning it’ll keep your vapor cool while it passes through the Atlas Mini Rig. What this means is the flavor of your concentrate will never be compromised, and the smoothness of your dabs equally. It stands at an unbelievable 4-inches tall, with a base of 2.5-inches providing some stability. This makes it the ultimate on-the-go contraption to show off to everyone!

2. Honeycomb Percolator

The impact of a percolator on a dab experience is no secret. They expertly filter and cool your smoke through the process of diffusion. The honeycomb percolator is one of the best at this. It splits the smoke which increases its surface area for faster cooling. As is the case with all MJ Arsenal glassware, you can expect nothing but a top-tier function. 

3. Double Ball

Evident at first glance, the Atlas Mini Rig features a double ball design. With the percolator sat in the middle, the ball design helps the process of filtration. Moving the water and smoke in a circular rotation cools the smoke before you inhale it. This design also plays a crucial role in keeping the water inside its chamber and away from the airpath. After all, an unwanted drawback is a sure way to ruin your rips instantly. 

How to Operate the MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

1. How to use the Atlas Mini Rig?

The team at MJ Arsenal have made the Atlas Mini Rig extremely user friendly. By this, we mean it couldn’t be simpler to use. The first thing to do is ensure that there’s water in your chamber. About an inch should do the trick. Once you’ve done this you can begin to heat the quartz banger. Using a dab tool place your concentrate or extract in the banger and slowly inhale. 

You’ll notice the Atlas Mini rig begins to fill with smoke as you inhale. Sit back and enjoy powerful rips by this pocket-sized beast!

2. How to clean/maintain the Atlas Mini Rig?

Maintaining and cleaning your dab rig is essential. It means that it will not only look new but function like it too. No need to fear any stains to affect the aesthetic, or residue to affect the taste. It’s super easy. Using warm water and/or isopropyl alcohol rinse and wipe down the Atlas mini rig. The fixed, double ball design prevents any damage to the honeycomb perc during cleaning. Once cleaned and rinsed, set aside to dry before starting your next session! 

Technical Specifications


4 inches

Base Width

2.5 inches



Design Type

Double Ball


Borosilicate Glass

Double Ball Function




What’s In The Box

1 x Atlas Mini Rig™ by MJ Arsenal

1 x MJA Custom Flat Top Quartz Bucket

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

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