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MBV Bong
MBV Bong
My Bud Vase
My Bud Vase Water Pipe
Purple Slide
Studded Base
Flared Mouthpiece

    "Aurora" Water Pipe


    "Aurora" Water Pipe

    This beautiful work of art has the elegance of the goddess herself "Aurora" and the light work of the "Aurora" borealis or better known as the northern lights with the iridescent look and color patterns. The creaters of My Bud Vase have turned all of their deep water pipes into useable vases that you can be proud to show off on any shelf. Just take out the bowl and put in the rose and peacock feather. 

    Equipped with a removable down stem and a 10mm male bowl, this water pipe has a large base for a deep of water to give you the optimal filtration. 


    • Removable Downstem
    • Dry Herb Bowl Included
    • 45 Degree Joint
    • Female Joint
    • 10mm Joint
    • Rubber Grommet Joint
    • Naturally Aspirated
    • Colored Glass
    • Flared Mouthpiece


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