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My Bud Vase
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    "Monica" Water Pipe

    "Monica" water pipe

    This elegant water pipe is really meant for those girly girls. Made out of a white porcelain it looks just like a regular vase. It has blossoming porcelain pink flowers that are coming out of the side. These blossoming field of flowers go perfectly with the pink and white poker flowers placed in the vase. 

    Easy to disguise to look like a real flower vase by putting in the flowers, then when ready to smoke some real flowers, take out the fake ones and put in some water. Use the deep clear bowl that has an easy to use handle for removing. The bowl fits into the rubber grommet style joint. Attached to the rubber grommet joint is a fixed downstem. The fixed downstem transports your smoke into the water of the base. The water diffuses the smoke for a more smooth hit.

    The "Monica" Water Pipe has class from head to toe. Grab one of her sisters ("Rachel" and "Phoebe") to complete the set! Get high with a little help from your friends!



    • Faux Flower Poker Included
    • Bowl For Dry Herbs Included
    • Rhinestone Rosettes
    • Certificate Of Authenticity Included
    • 45° Joint
    • Female Joint
    • Fixed Downstem
    • Rubber Grommet
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