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pakalolo water pipe
pakalolo water pipe
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my bud vase bong, pakalolo
tropical flower vase bong
pakalolo water pipe
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    "Pakalolo" Water Pipe

    "Pakalolo" Water Pipe

    The perfect accent vase to add color to any room. Made from a real flower vase this pink and blue accent vase has actual fern imprints in it. The "Pakalolo" Water Pipe uses a fixed downstem for filtration, and has a voluminous main chamber that can contain a sizable amount of water. This bong is also able to be disguised as an innocent flower vase. When you aren't using the "Pakalolo" Water Pipe for smoking, place the faux flowers into the mouthpiece. Then, remove the dry herbs bowl. Voila! Just like that you've transformed the water pipe into a decorative fixture. In both performance and aesthetics, this water pipe exceeds the standard.


    • Ceramic Construction
    • Made From A Vase
    • Funnel Style Bowl With Pinch Handle
    • Tropical Theme
    • 45° Joint
    • Female Joint
    • Fixed Downstem
    • Rubber Grommet
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