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"Phoebe" Water Pipe

VENDOR: My Bud Vase

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"Phoebe" Water Pipe

Welcome the sunshine in the room to brighten everything up. This "Phoebe" water pipe is made from a real porcelain flower vase and comes with a mini field of white porcelain flowers on the side. The faux flowers in the vase serve a couple purposes: one is that it makes it just that much more girlier with the rhinestones, two is that they also can be used as pokers to scrape any ash or gunk from the included bowl and down stem.

There is a rubber grommet joint that fits the included bowl with a pinched handle for easy handling. The base of this water pipe is big enough to put in quite a lot of water for extra filtration and a smoother hit.

Pick up her mates "Monica" and "Rachel" for the whole friend group manufactured by My Bud Vase. After all you can get high with a little help from your friends.


  • Faux Flower Poker Included
  • Bowl For Dry Herbs Included
  • Grommet Style Glass Standard Downstem
  • Rhinestone Rosettes
  • Certificate Of Authenticity Included
  • Relief Flower Accents
  • 45° Joint
  • Female Joint
  • Fixed Down stem
"Phoebe" Water Pipe

"Phoebe" Water Pipe