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"Rachel" Water Pipe

VENDOR: My Bud Vase


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Rachel water pipe - A Quick Intro

The Rachel water pipe is produced by My Bud Vase that delivered beautiful vase water pipes. Not only are their products functional in use but when they are not being used they are beautiful centerpieces, giving no sign of being a pipe if the bowl is hidden. The Rachel water pipe is part of the Trio from Friends and is a beautiful baby pink porcelain color.

It is built with a wide and sturdy base with the porcelain flowers acting almost as a grip or handle when using the water pipe. The porcelain is thick and extremely durable, and with ceramic pipes, there are fewer parts making water pipes like the Rachel easy and reliable to use. 

Top Features 

1. Flower poker

The paper rose pokers are perfect for helping clean the cone bowl out for any debris. Not only are they functional but they help add a touch of beauty to the water pipe.

2. Included Bowl

The Rachel water pipe comes with an added glass bowl measuring 9mm. The cone-shaped bowl has a long stem and an O-ring that helps improve the suction of the bowl. There is a pinched handle on the side that makes handling a breeze. 

3. Porcelain flowers

On the side of the water, pipe are a bushel of porcelain white flowers with seven smaller ones and one larger one in the middle. The porcelain flowers add some texture to the pipe and really transform it into being a vase for a centerpiece. 

4. Flared mouthpiece

The added flared mouthpiece on the top of the Rachel water pipe allows for the user to get a different type of seal from other water pipes. A flared mouthpiece will let the user get a better suction from the opening than with thinner mouthpieces. 

How To Use the Rachel Water Pipe

1. How To Operate the Rachel water pipe

Using the Rachel water pipe is easy. Fill up the center of the pipe with fresh water, ensure that the bowl is clean and insert it in the downstem. Put your dry herb or tobacco in the bowl and light it up. Suction your mouth to the flared mouthpiece and inhale. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From the Rachel water pipe

There may not be an ice catcher on this water pipe, but if you put ice in the base of the water pipe the smoke will be filtered with cooler water and deliver a cooler hit. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain the Rachel water pipe

The Rachel bong is an easy-to-clean pipe because there are not a lot of parts it does not require a lot of precision work. Take out the cone bowl and add Isopropyl alcohol to the base of the pipe, close up the holes with stoppers and shake the alcohol around. Once done make sure you rinse it out thoroughly with warm water. Use a pipe cleaner to clean the bowl and ensure there is no build-up.

Technical Specifications


6 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

9 mm

Joint Angle

45 Degree




Pink & white


My Bud Vase

What’s included:

  • 1 Rachel water pipe 
  • 1 cone bowl
  • Poker rose flowers
"Rachel" Water Pipe

"Rachel" Water Pipe

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