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New Vapor Slide  V-1 Dual Purpose Vaporizer
New Vapor Slide V-1 Dual Purpose Vaporizer

New Vapor Slide V-1 Dual Purpose Vaporizer
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Vapor Slide
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In a Nutshell
  • New Vapor Slide V-1 Dual Purpose Vaporizer
  • Adjustable power for perfect personaliastion
  • Efficient concentrate usage

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  • Product Description

     The Vapor Slide V-1 is one of the most unique concentrate vaporizers we have seen in a long time. Not only can it be used as a standalone vaporizer for your concentrates but it can also be used perfectly with a water tool to get that extra level of filtration and cooling which makes concentates so much more enjoyable. As well as being a real performer it is actually incredible easy to use. You simply fill the cartridge with your oils or concentrates and warm the tank a little with a lighter or heat source. The heat melts the oils a little and allows them to soak into the wicking material and you are good to go. The device is just as easy to operate as it is to setup, there are no buttons to activate it, it just has a sensor in the atomizer which senses when you are trying to draw through the device. When you do, it will activate and vaporize your oils as long as you are pulling air through it. The only button is the adjustment dial on the base which allows you to vary the voltage that the battery puts out and therefore the amount of vapor that the device makes. The higher the power setting, the more concentrate will be vaporized and the more vapor you will make. Be warned though, do not set it to over 4.2v on standard coils or you will burn them out. The only decision that you have left to make is whether you want to just use the device like a normal vaporizer and simply place the mouthpiece between your lips and draw on it or would you prefer to invert it and drop it into any bong which has a 14mm downstem to give you one of the collest, cleanest and tastiest experiences that you will be able to achieve with a portable concentrate vaporizer setup. The powerful 18350 battery will provide plenty of power and give a really good amount of use between charges, especially when you compare it to similar devices. The supplied charger uses USB connections so you can easily charge your Vapor Slide V-1 anywhere you go.  

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  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature No
    charger type Micro USB
    inhalation method Direct-to-lung
    mouthpiece Plastic
    substance Concentrate
    temperature control No
    vaporization method Conduction