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Nucleus 13
Nucleus 13
Nucleus 13
Nucleus 13
Nucleus 13
Nucleus 13
Nucleus 13
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    Nucleus 13" Full Color Beaker Bong


    One of our more attractive water pipes, the coloring and the neat decal really set the 13” Full color Beaker Bong aside from the rest. The Nucleus Logo is perfectly placed and in no way cheap looking, it is placed on the neck of the bong at the top towards the mouthpiece, which is flared. The way the mouthpiece is designed helps to keep a completely airtight seal, preventing any of your precious smoke escaping. We all know how valuable our herbs are!

    One of the most exciting characteristics of this bong is the cool smoke it can produce. The Beaker shape of the bong along with the angle of the downstems allows the water to break up the smoke with it actually taking a longer time to reach your lungs. Perfect for smooth rips. We almost forgot to mention, as if the Nucleus Beaker Bong couldn’t hit smooth enough, they went and added ice notches. Ice notches allow you to put Ice in the neck of the bong cooling the smoke as it passes through.

    The Beaker base shape adds stability to an already fantastic bong. The beaker which is 4” wide is designed to avoid spills and breakages. Another important characteristic of this bong is the removable downstem which comes complete with a diffuser to you guessed it, make your smoke even smoother! The downstem comes in the same color as your bong and a keck clip is included to hold your downstem in place. The 14mm bowl is included and is also made of glass.

    For a fraction of what you would pay for something similar, the Nucleus 13” Full Color Beaker Bong is one of our most popular bongs and for good reason. Some of the best features of this superb piece of glass include the following:

    Beautiful Range of Colored Glass options

    This bong will make an instant impact to any collection. It’s attractive colored glass finish gives it a particularly appealing appearance. While it may appear unique, you will struggle to find a more aesthetically complete bong for sale anywhere online.

    Ice Catcher for Cool Hits

    An ice catcher is a perfect addition to every bong. It gives the user the opportunity to add ice to the neck of their bong. The Nucleus 13” Colored Beaker Bong is an already well equipped piece of glass so the transition to ice bong is only a welcome advantage. Not to mention it looks pretty cool!

    Flared Mouthpiece for no escaping smoke

    The advantage to having an elevated flared mouthpiece is the airtight experience it creates. A comfortable smoking experience is guaranteed.

    Beaker Base - Stable, Attractive and Smooth

    The chamber of this piece is a perfect beaker base bong. It allows the water to cool your smoke, creates a cool bubbling noise and it is much sturdier than the average straight bong. It is a sought after bong shape. Making this one of our most popular water pipes for sale.

    Removable Downstem

    Easy cleaning with a removable Downstem.


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