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Nucleus Pipe Mug

VENDOR: Nucleus

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Nucleus Pipe Mug- A Quick Intro

The Nucleus Pipe Mug is possibly the most fun pipe from the Nucleus Collection. What is it? It is both a mug and a pipe in one. Perfect for your Wake and Bake. The Pipe Mug allows you to enjoy your herb and your coffee at the same time. There is a small hole for your mouth on the top of the mug handle with an internal conduit that travels from the herb bowl that sits at the bottom of the mug.

The Pipe Mug sports the classic Nucleus logo too. There is no carb hole, so the whole process is as simple as you can get! The mug is constructed from high-quality ceramic and it has been hot coated with a color glaze. This means it won’t get stained as easily and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

We recognize Nucleus as the brand that manufactures awesome Beaker Bongs and intricate glass. They decided to try out some ceramics and create this novelty product. The worst part about novelty stoner products is that they’re funny for 5 minutes and never get used because they are not practical.

The Nucleus Pipe Mug is definitely the exception to the rule. By creating a product that is functional in its own right (as a mug), Nucleus has ensured that this is no waste, but actually a thoughtful yet light hearted gift. 

Top 5 Nucleus Pipe Mug Features

  • No cross-contamination between the pipe and the mug
  • Sherlock style
  • High quality, hot coated Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Great gift for your stoner friend

How To Operate The Nucleus Pipe Mug?

The Nucleus Pipe Mug is designed for use with dried herb. The directions for use couldn’t be easier. Grind up your herb and pack the bowl at the bottom of the mug. Use a pipe screen if you would like to keep the internal air passage cleaner.

Using a lighter or matches, light the herb and inhale the smoke through the small hole at the top of the mug handle. To operate the mug, you just pour a liquid of your choice into it and drink it!

We recommend not using the Pipe element of the Pipe Mug whilst it is full of hot coffee as you may spill it unless you make sure you leave it flat on the tabletop whilst using it.

How To Get Cool Hits From The Nucleus Pipe Mug?

This pipe is not a water pipe but it can be water-cooled somewhat. Try filling the mug with icy cold water before operating the pipe and see how your hits are slightly cooler. Be careful not to spill water whilst you use it though, you don’t want to get your herb wet!

How To Clean/Maintain The Nucleus Pipe Mug?

It’s important to keep your Nucleus Pipe Mug as sparkling clean as it deserves to be. Fortunately for you, life got a little easier when we told you the Nucleus pie is dishwasher-safe. This is great and will undoubtedly help you to keep the mug section clean, however, you may need something a little more powerful to tackle the bowl, if you’ve been going at it hard. If you are struggling to clean the bowl, try soaking a cloth in some isopropyl alcohol and rubbing the bowl until the residue is gone.

Nucleus Pipe Mug

Nucleus Pipe Mug