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DynaVap OmniVap Titanium


DV:1800.0 DP:16200.0 FD:1800.0
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Who Should Buy the Dynavap Omnivap Titanium?

TheDynaVap OmniVap Titanium is a vape pen, but this is not your average smoke shop vape pen. No battery, no electric parts, and a true absence of vulnerability make this a tough, compact, and discrete pen that is meant to last. 

The Dynavap Omnivap Titanium is a dry herb based industrial piece of hardware that requires you to familiarize yourself with torch style heating, but once you master this part, you will probably find little reason to go back to traditional battery powered vaporizer pens. 

The ability to microdose, a dial indicator for easy airflow adjustments, and a spiral condenser allows for vapor to efficiently cool make this a unique vaporizer with perks and abilities that you will likely never find in another vaporizer pen. And on top of all that, it looks great. 

omnivap by dynavap

Why You’ll Love Dynavap Omnivap Titanium?

The Omnivap pen is a sleek, crafty pen that will allow you to customize it to your needs and preferences. You can do this via the cap, tip, mouthpiece, and bowl. If there is a Dynavap theme running through the Omnivap, it is user empowerment. 

The notched dosing chamber may as well be a grinder, as it has the ability to break up your dried herbs into a more manageable consistency. The adjustable bowl gives you ability to dose comfortably. A spiral condenser cools your vapor down efficiently. 

And all of this is wrapped in an attractive, dynamic titanium package, a piece of hardware that is guaranteed to last even if you drop it a million times in a lifetime. 

How To Use Dynavap Omnivap?

Here are some of the details with regard to the operation and maintenance of the Dynvap Omnivap Titanium. 

1. How To Operate Dynavap Omnivap Vaporizer

This is a dried herb vape, so we will be speaking about the Dynvap Omni primarily in this context. You can purchase the Dynacoil attachment if you want to use your Dynavep Pen with waxes or concentrates.

First, remove the cap and pack the bowl with your ground dry herbs. You can use a stir tool as well. Flavor will be best with chunkier herb, whereas ground herb will give you thicker hits. 

Now you will put the cap back on and grab your torch. Rotate the bowl of dry herbs as you heat it. Hold on to the lower part of the mouthpiece while you spin it around so that everything is cooked properly. 

You will hear a click when the bowl is heated sufficiently enough. At this point, the heating is over, so do not continue it past the audible click. 

Allow about 30 seconds for things to cool down before taking your first hit. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

It is highly recommended that you follow the audible cues (like the aforementioned click to get the best possible vaping experience from your DynaVap Omni. 

Some have suggested that you merely heat the initial tip of the bowl and then take 1 or 2 hits before fully filling it up and then going for it again. This could enhance flavor and experience. 

Some risk heating for 1-2 seconds after the click for an extra intense, fluffier vapor cloud experience. This is only recommended if you really like those big hits. But any longer than 3 seconds and you are asking to permanently damage your pen. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

To clean, make sure the bowl is completely empty before beginning. From here, make sure there are no O rings in sight, and go ahead and submerge everything in isopropyl alcohol.

Do this for about 2 hours and then take everything out and make sure to rinse off vigorously. Place all these parts on paper towels and allow them to dry fully before reassembling. 

This is a non electronic device, so regular maintenance is all you really need to maintain it feeling like new. O-rings will need replacing, but these are easy to find anywhere including manufacturer website. 

That said, be sure to regularly clean your Dynavap Omnivap as though it were any other dry herb pen. 

Top 5 Dynavap Omnivap Titanium Features 

Battery Free Sessions

This is a fully manual, on demand vaporizer. No batter is needed, and as such, this is a vaporizer that can stay with you forever. 

Durable Titanium Design

Made of titanium steel, and boasting a modern, beautiful design as a result, the Omnivap is lightweight and tough as well, titanium. 

Instant Vapor

With the adjustable airflow, you can get instantaneous, quality vapor that is tailored to your preferences and needs. THe result is a far more customizable pen than your battery powered types. 

Lightweight, Portable

It’s titanium, but it is lightweight, easy to keep shiny, and looks graceful in your hand. You will find that it is easy to include it as part of your daily routine.

Easiest to Maintain

The maintenance duties for the Dynavap Omnivap pen are simplistic and minimalistic enough to make cleaning a breeze. Simply follow our cleaning guide to do this properly without any hiccups. 

Is the Dynavap Omnivap worth It? 

For a pen that is meant to last you for the long haul, the DynaVap Omnivap Titanium is more than worth it. With the adjustable airflow and considerable customization, this is a pen you can rely on for a long time. 

What’s included:

  • Dynavap Omnivap Titanium
  • Stainless Steel Cap
  • Airtight Storage Tube

Technical Specifications:

Here are some of the particular specifications of the Dynavap Omnivap Titanium.


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity

0.02-0.1 grams (adjustable bowl)


92 mm (Length)

Heating system



30 Day

5 Most Important Questions About Dynavap Omnivap Titanium

Can I Heat Up My Herbs/Concentrates With A Normal Lighter?

A torch style lighter is strongly recommended. 

How Do I Adjust The Bowl Size?

Pull-on the mouthpiece to remove, and start with the CCD at the bottom most position for the most secure fit. Insert condenser to the bottom of the tip while covering the front, and then gently push it in. You will hear it snap into place.

How Can I Adjust Airflow on my Omnivap?

You can slightly twist and adjust the mouthpiece to let more or less air in depending on the effect you want. 

Can I Vape Concentrates With My Dynavap Omnivap Titanium? 

Yes, the Omnivap is compatible with concentrates with the DynaVap Dynacoil. 

Can I Apply Heat to the VapCap after the click? 

Do NOT do this! This will result in a permanently damaged VapCap.

DynaVap OmniVap Titanium

DynaVap OmniVap Titanium