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Parklands Grinder

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The Parklands Grinder crafted by Canada Puffin oozes class and style. 

Its exterior boasts beautiful Canadian Maple wood giving a natural feel. The wood is smooth, so holding and grinding your herb is comfortable. The smooth, contoured edges allow you to combat wasting any of your herbs. The interior is made of zinc alloy which is durable and effective. It has been expertly crafted to guarantee smooth ground herb with no unevenness.

Needless to say, the Parklands Grinder will perfectly grind your dried herbs to the perfect consistency. This will leave you in the perfect position to enjoy a beautiful smoke. This is important stuff, particularly when joint or blunt rolling. Typically, the more consistently the bud is ground the smoother the smoke will be to inhale. 

Canada Puffin prides itself on creating artistic smoking accessories fit for any mantelpiece. Each accessory is designed to portray an element of Canadian culture. Canada Puffin hand-crafts each product in their collection. 

How to clean the Parklands Grinder?

Whether this is your first grinder or your tenth, you’ll know you have to maintain it. Cleaning your Canada Puffin Parklands Grinder will be crucial for it to function to its best ability. This can be done by using warm water and cleaning any residue stuck to the sides. You’ll know when it’s time to do this, it will become increasingly difficult to twist as residue builds. 


  • 1.9" x 1.9" x 1.5”
  • Zinc alloy interior
  • Canadian Maple Wood exterior
  • 2-Piece Grinder
  • Top Bowl for Easy Loading
  • Contoured Edges 
  • Effortless Grinding
  • Canada Puffin Engraving
Parklands Grinder

Parklands Grinder

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