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Elevarx- Pet CBD(Bacon Flavor Tincture)- 250mg

    Elevarx- Pet CBD(Bacon Flavor Tincture)- 250mg

    • Vendor: Elevarx
    • Product Type: Pet
    • Barcode: 665355970813

    Elevarx- Pet CBD (Bacon Flavor Tincture)

    Short description 

    • Broad spectrum CBD for your pet
    • 30 mL ( 1 oz.)
    • 250 mg of bacon flavored CBD 
    • Help calm your pet and relieve pain
    • MCT oil
    • Easy to administer


    Elevarx Pet CBD is a broad spectrum CBD meaning there is no trace of any THC. It comes in an easy to store bottle with a convenient dropper. Each dropper full is equivalent to 8.33 mg of CBD. The natural bacon flavor will help your pet to ingest it without a fuss. CBD for pets allows them to stay calm and balanced while the MCT oil will help them with digestion. 


    CBD has many benefits like assisting in daily pains, helping homeostasis, and helping to calm your pet. It is useful for older animals who have joint issues and daily pains, as it will assist in relaxing them. It can also help put your animal back into homeostasis. During stressful times like moving or 4th of July your animal gets worrisome and CBD can help create a relaxing environment and destress your pet. 

    How to use

    • If you can start with a half dropper full into your pet's mouth and increase when necessary 
    • Add it to the pet's food by mixing a dropper full together. 

    Lab testing 

    To learn more about the lab testing of our vendors, click here. 

    To learn more about the lab testing of our vendors CLICK HERE.


    MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD, Natural Bacon Flavor


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