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PieceMaker Kube - Oil Rig - Assorted Colors

VENDOR: PieceMaker

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PieceMaker Kube - Oil Rig - Assorted Colors

The Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig is a unique dab rig in every sense of the word. It is encased with protective, durable silicone, features a unique cube shape, and an L shaped downstem. It is a dab rig for the modern user, full stop. 

In fact, it is modern enough to boast all the things a busy, dedicated dab rig would need in its built in storage, something you are hard pressed to find in the modern vaporizer, bong, and dab rig world. 

The ergonomic silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and works like a charm during sessions, and with the silicone encasing, any worry about bumps and scratches that you would typically have with a glass rig are completely not applicable. 

Why You’ll Love the Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig?

You will love the assortment of colors the Kube Piecemaker comes in, making for a completely personalized experience and giving you a touch of flare. In addition, with the exception of a few versions, all Kubes are glow in the dark. 

The removable bottom is stainless steel, and has a particular function - storing any and all detachable parts of your Piecemaker Kube for convenient future sessions.

This makes cleaning, transporting, and using the Kube a breeze - and did we mention it is only 3 and a half inches of cube? Travel with your dab rig like you never have before thanks to this clever design. 

How To Use the Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig?

1. How To Operate the Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig

First, fill up the Kube with water, careful to keep it at normal level, maybe an inch watermark just to keep it safe. The Kube has a splash guard, but still give a few test rips to make sure it is a comfortable fill.

From here, grab your hand torch and heat up the nail for about 30 seconds. Allow about 30-45 minutes for it to cool down, then use your dab tool to take your concentrate and place it in the nail, tracing it along the rim as you inhale at the mouthpiece. 

Voila! You have just dabbed on one of the most unique rigs on the market. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Remember to not overdo it on the water fill, as this could interfere with flow and quality of your vapor.

The same goes for the nail; overheating your quartz nail is a bad idea and can create harsh vapor that is unenjoyable, harsh on the throat, and not very tasty or aromatic. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

You will need some regular and dry cotton swabs in the form of Q-tips or regular cotton ball swabs.

First, put a modest amount of a soap and water in your rig, shake it up, and do some repeat rinses. This should loosen up and buildup or grime. Other parts can be wiped down with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and left to dry some. 

Top 5 Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig Features 

Silicone Model

This completely silicone based encasing makes for a dab rig that will outlast any glass bong in terms of bumps and drops, leaving you worry free.

Quartz Heating Chamber

The quartz nail/banger enhances your hits with brilliant flavor. 

Built In Storage

Simply remove the stainless steel bottom to store your mouthpiece, nail, and other detachable accessories. 

Glow In the Dark

Turn off the lights and enjoy the retro look of the Piecemaker Kube. 

Travel Friendly and Portable

Bring this lightweight dab rig with you anywhere or comfortably pack it in a backpack or suitcase. 

Is the Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig worth It? 

The silicone design with the innovative cube structure make this a unique dab rig, but one that satisfies with impressive ease. Without glass to break or a massive cumbersome structure to deal with, this is a dab rig that can go with you virtually anywhere, keeping you happy along the way. 

What’s included:

  •  Piecemaker Kube Silicone Cube Dab Rig
  •  Matching Dry Herb Bowl
  •  Matching Quartz Banger
  •  Includes Dabber Tool
  •  Includes Silicone Container

Technical Specifications:

Here are some of the specific technical specifications of your Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig.



Joint Size


Joint Material




Perc Type

Diffused Downstem


3.5 in x 3 in x 3 in

Joint Type



1 year

5 Most Important Questions About the Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig

How Many Different Styles Does the Piecemaker Kube Rig Come In?

7 different styles - black, green glow, Miss Pinky, Kotton Kandy, Indy Glow, Kwest Swirl, and Kamo. With the exception of black and camo, all of these glow in the dark. 

What Can I Store in the Compartments of the Kube Rig? 

The quartz banger nail, mouthpiece, and dabbing tool. 

Is the Mouthpiece Removable?

Yes it is and can be stored underneath your rig where the stainless steel piece is.

What is the Material of the Banger? 

The banger nail is made of Quartz. 

Why is this Rig Made of Silicone?

Silicone lasts longer than borosilicate glass, it is easy to taste

PieceMaker Kube - Oil Rig - Assorted Colors

PieceMaker Kube - Oil Rig - Assorted Colors