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Plenty Vaporizer

VENDOR: Storz & Bickel

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Who Should Buy The Storz & Bickel Plenty?

The Plenty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is a unique and powerful vaporizer that would have pride of place in any vape aficionado's collection. This is the perfect device for those who like things a little differently but don't want to sacrifice any power or quality.

Despite its unusual appearance, the Plenty is a true Storz & Bickel hybrid-powered vaporizer. On top of this, its unique design is truly striking, offering precision, power, and a chunky, utilitarian aesthetic. 

Why You’ll Love The Plenty Vaporizer?

There are two main reasons to love the Plenty. The first is its sheer amount of power. German vape giants, Storz & Bickel have built their name on the power and quality of their vaporizers. They are capable of offering consistent, potent, and high-quality vape sessions thanks to their unique blend of conduction and convection heating. The Plenty is no different, this is a true premium quality vaporizer. 

The second reason to love the plenty is its unique appearance. This vaporizer is about as unique as you're going to get. It fuses the power of a desktop vape with the easy handling of a handheld vape. On top of this, its industrial appearance makes it a true stand out from the more minimalist and discrete aesthetic adopted by the majority of the vape industry. 

One of the most striking features of the Plenty is its analog temperature dial, mounted on the face of the device. This tells you everything you need to know with a high degree of precision. Another unique feature is its metal coil airpath. This not only cools your hits as they travel towards the mouthpiece, but it also gives the Plenty a unique style reminiscent of a retro-sci-fi gadget. 

How To Use The Plenty?

1. How To Operate The Plenty?

Despite its initial, unusual appearance, the Penty is as easy and intuitive to use as any other Storz & Bickel vape. To load the plenty, first, twist away the coil from the rest of the device. Then twist apart the orange herb chamber from the black coil base. Carefully fill this with ground dry herb, reassemble and reattach. 

To activate the Plenty, hold down the power button found on the side of the device's handle. Keep this depressed and then pull the orange trigger with your index finger, this will cause the vaporizer to begin to heat. Heat up will take between one and three minutes. Once it has reached vaping temperature, pull the trigger again and take a hit.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

The Plenty is a hybrid heating vaporizer that uses both conduction and convection. However, for best results, you should treat it as a convection vape as you load it. Fill the vape with a medium-fine grind at a medium density, this will allow hot air to easily move through the entirety of the chamber, heating all of the herbs evenly. 

3. How To Clean It?

Unlike some other Storz & Bickel devices, the Plenty is incredibly easy to clean. All you need to do is take a soft brush and some isopropyl alcohol and gently break up and wipe away any grime in the herb chamber and mouthpiece. To clean the coil, simply steep it in warm, soapy water for a while. Ensure that the vaporizer is totally dry before you use it, and put it through a test heat cycle to ensure that any leftover alcohol has totally evaporated. 

Top 5 Plenty Features 

1. Unique Aesthetic

The Plenty is a unique vaporizer that defies many established vaporizer design conventions. Its chunky handle, despite its power tool-like appearance, is well designed and ergonomic. Its two more distinctive features are its metallic coil airpath and front-mounted analog dial. 

Nothing on a Storz & Bickel vape is put there lightly, and both these features have a purpose. The coil airpath increases the travel time of each hit, allowing it to cool, efficiently, and the dial allows you to see exactly what's going on inside your vaporizer's heating chamber. 

2. Storz & Bickel Hybrid Heating

The Plenty, like all Storz & Bickel vapes, uses a unique blend of conduction and convection heating. This hybrid heating system is key to the German Vape Icon's success. It directly heats the surface area of the herb, while also surrounding it with hot air. This creates an incredibly pure and powerful vapor that is both delicious and smooth. 

3. Analogue Thermometer Dial

The distinctive dial on the face of the device deserves a second look. While at first glance, some users may consider this feature old-fashioned, it is as accurate and easy to read as any digital display. It is carefully calibrated to let users know exactly how close the Plenty is to vaping temperature. Over time, users may find that the analog format becomes more intuitive to use than digital, allowing them to get a 'feel' for their perfect temperature. 

4. Extra Large Filling Chamber

Even when compared to many desktop vapes, the Plenty has a surprisingly large herb chamber. This, along with its external power supply, makes it ideal for long, uninterrupted sessions. The 3.4cm filling chamber can be packed with a decent amount of dry herb, allowing you to get the very most out of the hybrid heating system. 

5. Incredible Cooling Coil

Powerful heating isn't much without tasty hits. Thankfully, the Plenty is designed with a metallic coil airpath that ensures that your vapor is cool and smooth by the time it reaches the mouthpiece. This is far superior to the cooling offered by many portable vapes and far easier to use than the whip attachment seen with many desktop units. 

Is the Plenty Vape worth It? 

The Plenty is among the more affordable end of the Storz & Bickel range. It allows users to enjoy the powerful hybrid heating and great vapor the brand is known for, without having to splash out for something as expensive as the Volcano. While it is described as a handheld vaporizer, it should be considered more of a desktop device in operation. 

Overall, this vaporizer is worth every penny, offering a high-quality and incredibly potent vape experience in a uniquely stylish and easy-to-use package. 

Compare with similar products


Crafty Plus Vaporizer


If users want to enjoy the handheld hybrid heating of the plenty but in an even more compact package, then the Crafty+ is a fantastic choice. It is around the same price range as the Plenty, but is much more focused on portability, featuring a built-in battery and overall compact design. It uses a miniaturized version of the Storz & Bickel hybrid heating system to offer some truly incredible hits. 

While it lacks the Plenty's detailed controls and display, it features bluetooth functionality that allows users to connect to the Storz & Bickel app for a greater level of functionality and control. 

What’s included:


1 x Aromatherapy Blend Filling Chamber.

1 x Mouthpiece.

3 x Normal Screen Set.

2 x Tubing (Short).

2 x Tubing (Long).

1 x Cooling Coil.

1 x Grinder.

1 x Cleaning Brush.

Technical Specifications:


Dry herb

Chamber capacity

0.30 grams

Temperature range

266° F - 392° F

Charging time


Battery length



6.10" x 8.86"x 2.10"

Heating system



3 years

5 Most Important Questions About The Plenty

Q1: Can I Use The Plenty Vaporizer With Concentrate?

The Plenty can be used with concentrate providing that you use it with a compatible concentrate pad, and even then only with oil and wax style concentrates. 

Q2: Can I Use The Plenty Vape With A Bong?

There is no official way to connect a Plenty vaporizer to a water tool.

Q3: Can I Use The Plenty Vape With Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules?

Storz & Bickel dosing capsules are a great way to pre-pack a chamber's worth of dry herb. They are fully compatible with the Plenty Vaporizer.

Q4: Are There Any Accessories For The Plenty?

There are no cases, or alternative mouthpieces available for the Plenty, however, there is a handy dosing capsule adapter that makes it perfect for pre-packed sessions.

Q5: Where Can I Find Spare Parts For My Plenty?

You can find all manner of replacements, repair, and wear and tear kits for your Plenty vaporizer on

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer