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Pocket Double Chamber Glass Bubbler
Pocket Double Chamber Glass Bubbler
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Pocket Double Chamber Glass Bubbler

PURR Glass
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The Pocket Double Chamber Glass Bubbler is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    A compact, portable double chamber bubbler with two fixed showerhead percolators, contoured mouthpiece and integrated carb hole. Designed and made in Chatsworth, California by expert team of glass workers at California’s Purr Glass. 5mm glass wall thickness, pinched, angled mouthpiece and available in your choice of green, blue or amber.

    • American Borosilicate Glass

    • Double Chamber Design

    • Twin Showerhead Percs

    • Carb Hole

    Made In America

    Made in America from the finest American borosilicate glass. This piece has a wall thickness of 5mm which ensures strength and heat resistance for a lifetime of smoking pleasure. The perfectly formed pipe is decorated with the iconic Purr logo sand-blasted on the main can for authenticity.

    Twin Percs

    Both chambers are equipped with a fixed showerhead percolator which act to break up the smoke into much finer bubbles, rapidly cooling the hit and removing particulates and carcinogens for a clean, smooth toke. This pipe also has a handily placed carb hole on the side of the bowl which can be opened during use to quickly clear the piece.

    Compact And Portable

    Standing just 6 inches in height, this beautifully crafted bubbler would make the perfect travel piece. The bubbler can be easily emptied and filled with water and the one-piece construction means transporting  is a simple process. We stock a huge range of protective cases for safely and securely carrying glass pipes and tubes. See our Smoking Accessories section for the full selection.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand PURR Glass
    glass thichness 5mm
    height 151mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent, Pinched
    percolator Multiple Percolators, Showerhead