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Prometheus Titan
Prometheus Titan
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Prometheus Titan

Prometheus Titan

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  • Product Description

    This huge Prometheus Titan pipe from PypTek is the granddaddy of all smoking devices. The balanced design and sheer weight of the unit are nothing to mess with.


    • Anodized 6160 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Exoskeleton

    • Ember Blocking Smoke Screen

    • Replaceable Borosilicate Tube and Bowl

    • Shock Absorbing Rubber Gaskets

    • Available in Black, Blue, or Green

    • 1.65 Pounds or .750kg in Weight


    Anodized 6160 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Exoskeleton

    Aluminum coating over the precious glass inner components of this pipe are hardcore and protective. This monster can take quite the beating and still come out the heavyweight champion.

    Shock Absorbing Rubber Gaskets

    Your precious glass components inside are also protected by rubber gaskets that don’t let any clanking or breaking occur while using the pipe in a mild and careful fashion. Absorption of movement and small drops occur so you can smoke stress free.


  • Technical Specifications
    brand PypTek
    length 161mm
    material Aluminium, Glass