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Puffco Peak Pro

VENDOR: Puffco

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Who Should Buy Puffco Peak Pro?

The Puffco Peak Pro is an electronic vape device that was designed with experts in mind. If you want the very most out of your concentrate and enjoy the smoothest, purest, and most consistent hits, the Puffco Peak Pro is a must for you. This device has perfected electronic dab rig design and set the high bar for the entire industry. 

Why You’ll Love Puffco Peak Pro?

Electronic dab rigs are rapidly becoming one of the most popular methods for consuming concentrates, and that comes as no surprise. It combines the precision of electronic heating systems with the incredible watercooling of dab rig bubblers. 

The Puffco Peak Pro exemplifies this design, and in many way perfects it. It is a top tier, high quality, luxury device that brings together form and function. 

Its iconic cone design is instantly memorable, and contains its high quality water cooling system. The base houses its advanced heating system and concentrate chamber. The pro features some upgrades when compared to the original it features some great modern features like USB-C Charging, and some quality of life improvements like a taller more ergonomic cone and a clear carb cap that lets you see what's going on inside your device. 

How To Use Puffco Peak Pro?

1. How To Operate Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro uses an internal battery to power its electronics, so make sure that you fully charge it with the included USB-C lead. 

Next, you'll want to load it, this is easy, all you have to do is remove the carb cap and carefully load in your concentrates with the included Puffco concentrate tool. Replace the cap, and you're ready to turn on the Peak Pro. 

Press and hold the power button until the LEDs across the device light up. You can tap this button to cycle through the Peak Pro's default heat settings, and then twice to begin healing. If you connect the Peak Pro to your phone via bluetooth you can track the progress of this with the Puffco App!

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The Peak Pro is designed to create incredible cooling thanks to its glass cooling cone and water reservoir. Like anything that uses this cooling method, the best way to enjoy the best cooling is to ensure that the device is kept clean and the water frequently changed. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

When cleaning the Puffco Peak Pro, there are two main methods you need to consider. The first is how to clean the glass components. The entire upper half of the Peak Pro is made out of high quality glass. This can easily be cleaned with traditional bong cleaning methods. 

Gently rinse it with warm water and then break up any build up with isopropyl alcohol. Once you ahve done this, set it aside to dry. Next you'll need to clean the chamber. Be very very careful as you clean your vaporizer, as excessive use of isopropyl alcohol can easily damage some fo the electronic components. Use a cotton bud dipped in some isopropyl alcohol to gently clean out the chamber and break up any residual grime. Finally, put your Peak Pro through a test heat cyle to ensure that any residual alcohol is boiled away. 

Top 5 Puffco Peak Pro Features 

Wireless Charging

One of the most striking features of the Puffco Peak Pro is its compatibility with wireless charging. This requires the aftermarket purchase of a charging pad peripheral. This works well with the Pro's already reliable battery, which offers up to 30 sessions on a single charge. When you bring the Puffco Power Dock into the mix, you can enjoy long, uninterrupted sessions without any risk of your device dying mid session. 

 It wirelessly tops up the Peak Pro’s battery when it is connected. Best of all, when it is paired with the dock it allows you to keep the Pro in ready mode. This means that you can lift it from the cradle and take a hit without having to adjust the controls at all. 

Real-Time Temperature Control

Many traditional dab rigs have somewhat constrained temperature flexibility. As the heating system is often external combustion, there's often not much in the way of precision control. At the very best, you can get a feel for it over time, and not much else. In comparison the Puffco Peak Pro is an incredibly precise and accurate way of enjoying dry herb vaping. 

The temperature settings stretch in a broad spectrum from 492 Fahrenheit all the way up to 545 Fahrenheit. The Puffco smartphone app allows users to customize each of the heating presets as much as they like. The ability to adjust your temperature settings means that inconsistent experiences, and guess work is a thing of the past. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity has become one of the most sought after features in dry herb vaporizers. The Puffco Peak Pro brings this incredible feature to the world of electronic dab rigs. This connectivity allows user to connect their Pro to a smartphone app and greatly increase the level of control, precision, and functionality they can enjoy with this device. The Puffco app has a massive range of functions and settings. With it, users can adjust the temperature setting of the Pro. Users can also adjust how long each heating session is, and even change the color of the LEDs that surround the glass cooling cone! 

Amazing Lighting System

The Puffco Peak Pro has a truly iconic design and may be one of the most stylish electronic dab rigs available on the market today. This is mainly down to its distinctive glass cone, however, the incredible design goes much deeper than that. It has an additional dimension of style that only an electronic vape can offer. It has a system of striking LED lights that act both as a display and also gorgeous mood lighting. They filter through the glass of the cone, making the entire device take on a truly stunning aesthetic. 

These LEDs are inset in the base and in the interior glass cone. They can light up in a full spectrum of colors, and using the app, they can be programmed to light up in a variety of different patterns. These include, pulse, wave, and disco. Of course, sometimes you want to keep things discreet, in this case the Puffco Peak Pro comes with a Stealth Mode that switches off all of the lights. 

Incredible Watercooling

This is the main feature of the Puffco Peak Pro that sets it apart from other types of concentrate vapes. The tall glass cone is more than just for looks and a feel of quality. It is a well designed cooling system that ensures that you get to enjoy smooth and tasty hits. It is a bubbler in design, a type of filtration system that breaks up each hit into a flurry of small bubblers which are then pulled through the water. This allows the water to wick heat away from the surface area of the hit, filtering and cooling it. The new, taller and more tapered design of the Puffco Peak Pro helps when it comes to splashback, too. 

Is the Puffco Peak Pro worth It? 

The Puffco Peak is a premium quality electronic dab rig and that means that it comes with a premium quality price tag. This is enough to ward off any beginners and more casual users. However, the Puffco Peak Pro isn't intended for users such as these, it's intended for experienced users who want to get the very most out of their concentrate and to enjoy the finest possible vape experience. For these users, the investment is far easier to justify. If you want the very best, then the Puffco Peak Pro is a must. 

What’s included:

1 x Puffco Peak Pro

1 x Travel Case

1 x Micro USB-C Cable

1 x Carb Cap

1 x Set of Cleaning Swabs

1 x Ceramic Bowl

1 X Loading/Dab Tool

1 x USB Wall Charger

Technical Specifications:



Chamber capacity


Temperature range

450F - 600F

Charging time

90 Minutes

Battery length

2 Hours


Height 7 inches, Base 2.75 inches

Heating system



2 Years

Most Important Questions About Puffco Peak Pro

Can The Puffco Peak Pro Be Used With Dry Herb?

The Puffco Peak pro is designed as a single use vaporizer that is built from the ground up to get the very most out of concentrates. This means that it has no dual use functionality. 

Are there Any After-Market Accessories For The Puffco Peak Pro?

The Peak Pro has a huge range of available accessories. Chief among these are alternate glass cones, and of course the wireless charging pad. 

Does The Puffco Peak Pro Have a Party Mode Feature?

There is a secret easter egg Party Mode hidden in the controls and settings of the Puffco Peak Pro that uses incredible LEDs to give the user a stunning light show. 

How Many Hits Does the Puffco Peak Pro Provide on A Full Charge?

On a full charge, you can expect around 30 to 50 hits.

What Material is The Puffco Peak Pro's Chamber Made Out Of?

The Puffco Peak Pro is made out of high quality ceramic. This material distributes heat evenly while also ensuring that the flavor of your concentrate is preserved. 

Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro