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Puffco Vision Plus

VENDOR: Puffco

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Who Should Buy Puffco Vision Plus?

The Puffco Vision Plus is ideal for vapers who are looking for the best flavor and on-the-go vapor quality. A true concentrate connoisseur will appreciate just how tasty each draw is. 

The appeal of the Puffco Vision Plus lies in its simplicity. Just load the chamber, power it on, and enjoy the superior flavor of your favorite concentrates. 

This is what makes the Puffco Vision Plus perfect for casual users and beginners alike!

Why You’ll Love Puffco Vision Plus?

The Puffco Vision Plus is discreet, flavorful, and easy to handle. The finish, however, is where the Vision Plus differentiates itself from the rest of the Puffco lineup. Rather than a simple black, the Vision Plus has a chromatic and metallic finish that is dazzling to look at. On top of this, the finish is smudge and fingerprint resistant, so you don't have to worry about wiping it down after every use.

How To Use Puffco Vision Plus?

Featuring a one-button operation, the Puffco Vision is easy enough for beginners to pick up and start vaping.

1. How To Operate

Start by unscrewing the mouthpiece near the top of the device to reveal the heating chamber. 

Next, press down the top of the mouthpiece to extend the Puf co Dart. 

Then, using the Dart, scoop up some of your concentrates and screw the mouthpiece back onto the unit. 

Press the power button five times to turn the vape on. 

Lastly, press and hold the button down while inhaling. Keep the pen vertical to ensure efficient heating.

Three distinct heat levels provide a personalized vaping experience. Press the button 4x to toggle between modes - blue is low, green is medium, and white is high.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

For the best vapor quality, you want to make sure to swab out the chamber after each session, ideally while the chamber is still semi-warm.

Inside the oven chamber, there are a series of three air holes. These are essential for the operation of the device and influence the draw resistance. If they are blocked it can result in weaker hits or a nasty burnt taste. 

The best way to keep them clear is to ensure that your concentrate load is small, avoiding the inlets altogether. 

Using the Vision’s integrated Dart ensures that you are perfectly positioned to drop your concentrate directly into the middle of the chamber. This means that your concentrate will be evenly heated and that you will not block the airflow.

For deep cleaning, let the chamber completely cool and soak it in 99% isopropyl alcohol - anything less than 99% has a water content that could damage the chamber.

Lastly, keep the device charged - a low battery will cause decreased vapor production and waste

3. How To Clean/Maintain

The importance of cleaning and maintaining your Vision Plus cannot be overstated. 

That being said, the Puffco Vision is very easy to clean since it only has a few components to manage. 

Start by unscrewing the oven and removing the mouthpiece. Then, carefully pull the Dart out of the housing and remove the silicone tip. 

Use a soft bristle brush or cotton swabs to gently clean any buildup around the mouthpiece, dart, or oven with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol. 

When cleaning, be gentle when pressing into the chamber - it is an insert, and too much pressure can damage the connection to the battery

Once your device is clean, reassemble the Puff co wax pen and run it through a burn-off cycle to evaporate any leftover alcohol. 

Top 5 Puffco Vision Plus Features

Vapor Quality

The sealed conduction chamber directs vapor upward through the Dart convection cap. This innovative engineering prevents clogging and produces steady, consistent vapor.

The Puffco Dart

The Vision Plus mouthpiece houses a removable ceramic loading Dart with a convection cap. This addition minimizes splash-back and efficiently retains oil


Sharing made simple! Just double-click the button to initiate 12 seconds of continuous vaporization. Sesh solo or pass to a friend.

Coil-less Atomizer

The Plus provides a pressure-sealed coil-less ceramic bowl that evenly heats the oil instead of scorching it with coils. The result is pure, unadulterated flavor.

Colored Grips

The Puffco Plus comes with two colored grips. Simply slip the grips onto the Puffco pen for better grip and a bit of insulation between your hand and the conduction chamber.

Is the Puffco Vision Plus worth It? 

The Puffco Plus Vision produces some of the best-tasting concentrate hits on the market today. The ceramic bucket evenly heats all of your concentrates at once, slowly bringing it to vaping temperature. This, combined with the non-reactive nature of the ceramic ensures that the unique flavor of the concentrate is preserved. 

While it may not be the cheapest pen vaporizer, that is because Puffco only uses premium materials when they design their products. 

This focus on flavor may lead some to think that the Vision Plus can't produce clouds, this couldn't be further from the truth. The ceramic vaporizer heating system can produce some respectable clouds that should be more than enough, even for the most discerning of users. 

What’s included:

  • 1x Puffco Vision Plus
  • 2x Colored Grips
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • USB Charger

Technical Specifications:



Chamber capacity


Temperature range

580°F, 650°F, 720°F

Charging time

45 minutes

Battery length

3 hours


6.5” × 3” × 1.7”

Heating system

Ceramic Coil-free Atomizer


1 year

5 Most Important Questions About Puffco Vision Plus

Q1: Is the Puffco Plus compatible with dry herb?

The Puff co Vision Plus was designed to be used with concentrates only. Putting dry herb into the heating chamber could damage the unit. 

Q2: How many sessions will one full charge give me with the Puffco Vision Plus?

The Puffco pen battery should last an average of 30 Sesh Mode cycles on its highest setting. Frequent use on the highest (white) setting and/or Sesh Mode will deplete the battery more quickly.

Q3: How long is the Puffco Vision Plus’ battery life?

The Puffco Vision Plus can offer up to three hours of continuous use. Although this depends on the temperature and the length of hits the user takes. 

Q4: What does it mean if my Puffco Vision Plus is flashing white three times?

If your device flashes three times, the heating chamber may not be completely attached. Make sure that the chamber of the Puffco Plus is fully seated and attached to the base.

Q5: Can I use the Vision Plus chamber with other batteries?

While this Puffco dab pen does use a standard 510 thread, it is not recommended that you pair it with a non-Plus battery since it could damage the device. 

Puffco Vision Plus

Puffco Vision Plus