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Pulsar ReMEDi Micro Thick Oil Vape

VENDOR: Pulsar

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Who Should Buy the Pulsar ReMEDi Micro?

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro thick oil vape was created with portable users in mind. This dual-function vaporizer has a palm-sized anodized aluminum body that is durable, stealthy, and can slip easily into any pocket. Those who like to enjoy both thick oils and waxy concentrates will love its leak-proof design and the versatility that the ReMEDi pen can offer.

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro is great for beginners looking for the perfect first-time vape since this unit has a simple one-button operation and 3 temperature presets to get you started. If you are a fan of prefilled cartridges, you’ll also appreciate its universal 510 threading. 

Why You’ll Love Pulsar ReMEDi Micro?

The ReMEDi pen is a durable, discreet, and efficient dual-function vape set at an incredibly affordable price. This Pulsar vape is crafted using high-end materials and is packed with a powerful 650mAh variable voltage battery that offers users about 80 puffs per full charge.

This unit is easy to operate due to the simple one-button operation and easy to load tanks that won't leak. The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro thick oil vaporizer is also available in a variety of beautiful colors. 

How To Use Pulsar ReMEDi Micro?

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro vape is super easy to use and quickly become familiar with. With a simple one-button operation, easy to load tanks, and just 3 preset voltages to choose from, learning how to use Pulsar ReMEDi is incredibly quick and easy. Within minutes you’ll become a master. 

1. How To Operate Pulsar ReMEDi Micro?

To fill the oil tank, unscrew the mouthpiece off of the housing. Remove the center hole plug and carefully fill up the tank through the center hole with a needle tip bottle.

Avoid filling the tank in the sidewall airhole and do not overfill the tank. To fill the concentrate tank, unscrew the housing from the coil. Place the desired concentrate on the dual quartz coil then replace the housing and mouthpiece.

When you are ready to use the vaporizer, carefully screw on the adapter ring “crown” side up onto the bottom threading of either tank. Drop the tank into the battery housing and it will be magnetically secured. 

To power, the ReMEDi Micro, click the power button 5 times rapidly. To navigate through the preset voltages, press the same button 3 times rapidly and the LED light will indicate what setting you are currently on.

There are 3 voltage presets including 3.4v which is represented by a green light, 3.7v represented by blue light, and 4.0v which is represented by a red light. Once you have selected a voltage, bring the unit to your mouth and inhale through the mouthpiece while holding down the power button.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

For the best results possible, keep your ReMEDi Micro vape properly charged and well maintained. Make sure that you are correctly loading the included tanks and not overfilling them. When choosing a voltage, stick to the middle setting for the best quality of vapor. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Start by removing the mouthpiece from the housing and use a brush tool to knock out any debris stuck inside. You can let the mouthpiece soak in a container of warm soapy water for a little while, then take a pipe cleaner dipped in isopropyl and run it through the mouthpiece to get rid of the remaining residue.

Follow that up with a quick rinse then dry it off. The body of the Pulsar ReMEDi can be wiped down with a damp cloth when any dirt or dust accumulates. 

Top 5 Pulsar ReMEDI Micro Features 


The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro vape was designed specifically for vaping thicker oils and waxy concentrates while maintaining a level of stealth. The unit has an ultra-compact build that sits comfortably in the hand and can be easily slid into any pocket. Pulsar features a non-leak design with a rubber stopper so that it never leaks in your pocket or while you’re trying to enjoy a session.

The ReMEDi pen uses strong high-quality magnets to hold tanks tightly in place within the battery. The anodized aluminum exterior of the unit makes the vaporizer ultra-durable for when you’re on the go. The ReMEDi Micro vape is available in 4 beautiful colors including black, blue, gunmetal, and silver. 

Battery and Power

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro vape is packed with a 650mAh variable voltage battery that takes about 2 hours to charge via the USB charger that is included with the unit. On a full battery, this vaporizer will last about 80 puffs depending on the voltage you are using. 

To charge the unit, attach the battery to the included Pulsar ReMEDi charger and plug it into a USB port. You’ll want to make sure to not let the unit hang as that can damage the USB connection. As it charges, a red LED light will show on the battery. Once it has fully charged, the LED light on the battery will shut off. 

Voltage Presets

The ReMEDi Micro thick oil vaporizer includes 3 preset voltages including 3.4v, 3.7v, 4.0v and these can take away unnecessary confusion that full temperature control can often bring to newer users. These settings can be navigated by pressing the power button 3 times rapidly. Voltage settings on the ReMEDi Micro vape are indicated by a color-coded LED light system on the battery and are as follows:

3.4v = Green light

3.7v = Blue light

4.0v = Red light

Ease of Use 

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro vape is one of the easiest units that you will ever operate due to the device’s simplicity. This vaporizer features a simple one-button operation and includes 3 preset temperatures that help get you started. The thick oil and concentrate tanks are very easy to load and will never leak on you. 


Pulsar offers a 6-month limited warranty on the vaporizer’s battery and a 3-month warranty on the tanks. Used coils will not be covered under warranty. 

Is the Pulsar ReMEDI Micro worth It? 

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro is a vaporizer that can easily compete with larger, more expensive models on the market. Pulsar has given users everything they need to enjoy the perfect vape session every time at a super affordable price with the ReMEDi Micro. 

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What’s in the box:

  • 1x 1ml thick oil tank
  • 1x dual quartz concentrate tank
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Adapter ring

Technical Specifications:


Dry herbs and concentrates

Tank capacity


Voltage settings

3.4v, 3.7v and 4.0v

Charging time

2 Hours

Battery length

80 puffs

Heating system

Dual Quartz 


6 Months

5 Most Important Questions About Pulsar ReMEDi Micro Thick Oil Vape

Q1. What is the battery capacity of the Pulsar ReMEDi Micro Thick Oil vape?

The battery capacity of the Pulsar ReMEDi Micro is 650mAh.

Q2. Are my Pulsar ReMEDi Micro vape coils covered under the warranty if they have been used once?

Used ReMEDi Micro coils will not be covered under Pulsar’s warranty.

Q3. What colors is the Pulsar ReMEDi micro vape available in?

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro is available in 4 different colors including black, blue, gunmetal, and silver.

Q4. How long does Pulsar ReMEDi Micro thick oil vape last on a full charge?

The Pulsar ReMEDi Micro thick oil vape should last about 80 puffs on a full battery.

Q5. What is the capacity of the Pulsar ReMEDi Micro’s thick oil tank?

The capacity of the ReMEDi’s Micro’s thick oil tank is 0.8mL. 

Pulsar ReMEDi Micro Thick Oil Vape

Pulsar ReMEDi Micro Thick Oil Vape