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Pyptek Domeless Titanium Universal Nail 14/18mm

    Pyptek Domeless Titanium Universal Nail 14/18mm


    This nail is on fire!

    Introducing the newest installment in Pyptek's engineered smoking experience: The Prometheus Embyr. This premium Grade II Titanium nail is expertly crafted to heat concentrates quickly and retains optimal vaping temperature. 

    The Prometheus Embyr is compatible with all 14/18mm joints, making the Domeless Ti Nail a serious upgrade for almost any dab rig on the market. Order yours today!


    •  One small glass dabber
    •  One male joint attachment
    • Compatible with all 14/18mm joints
    • Made from premium Grade II Titanium
    • Beautiful design and made to last!
    • Made in the USA





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