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Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base



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Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base - A Quick Intro

This 8.5" Bubble Beaker is designed using high-quality glass and a durable downstem that connects to a rubber grommet joint to create an airtight seal. 

The downstem forces the smoke to break up in the water. The result is cooler, filtered smoke that is tasty and easier on your lungs. 

It's also a fumed bong, meaning it will change colors the more you use it!

This compact Raked Bubble Bong is convenient for quick and easy storage, and fast cleaning.

This decorative piece will surely become your new favorite glass bong! 

Top 5 Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base Features 

Compact and Portable

Standing 8.5 inches tall, this bong’s frame is perfect for bringing with you on the go. It's discreet, small, and lightweight enough to fit inside a bag. Being a handheld bong makes it easy to smoke without the need for non-slip mats and coffee tables.

Unique Color

This bong features a fumed, color-changing beaker base. The more resin that builds up in the pipe, the more it will change colors. Here is a fun fact, the glass itself actually never changes colors so when you clean the glass it will go back to how it was the day you got it!

Premium Materials

This water pipe was designed with thick, high-quality glass that is clear and highly resistant to heat and thermal shock. Glass also ensures you are getting the best flavor profile from all of your favorite buds. 

Removable Downstem

The removable downstem and bowl make maintaining this bong a breeze. Since the downstem is usually the first part of a water pipe to accumulate a large buildup of resin, the fact that you can pull it out and clean it independently is great. 

Easy to Clean 

This water pipe’s simple, yet elegant design is very easy to clean and maintain. With components that are easy to disassemble, you can spend less time cleaning your glass bong and more time using it.

How To Use Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base

1. How To Operate Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base

To use this bong, you want to first add fresh water to the chamber. 

Add enough water to fully submerge the downstem for the best filtration possible. It might also help to take a few test drags from the bong to make sure the water doesn’t touch your lips. 

Once you have water in your bong, place the bowl into the downstem and pack it loosely with your dry herb. 

Place your mouth up against the mouthpiece and form a seal. Bring the flame to the edge of the bowl and inhale gently.

Once the neck of the bong is filled up with smoke, carefully lift the bowl and inhale to allow the fresh air to push the smoke into your lungs. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base

To get the best hits from your bong, you will want to make sure that you are keeping it as clean as possible. This means cleaning it regularly if you cannot do it each time. 

You can also try using cool, fresh water in the chamber. This will provide better filtration for smoother hits. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base

To clean this bong, empty out any water that is inside the chamber.

Remove the downstem and the bowl and set them aside. 

Next, add some isopropyl alcohol and some coarse salt to the inside of the bong. 

Plug the holes up, and shake the bong for a few minutes, paying extra attention to any areas that are especially dirty. 

The alcohol should cut through the resin, while the salt’s abrasiveness works to scrub off the residue that clings to the inside of the glass. 

You can do a similar procedure for the downstem and the bowl.

Put them into a resealable bag with the alcohol and salt, then shake it up. Just be careful since these components tend to be fragile. 

Finish up the process by rinsing it all with warm water and maybe a little bit of dish soap.

You can spot-check any stubborn residue with some cotton swabs and iso alcohol. 

Technical Specifications



Joint Type


Joint Angle

45 Degree




Dry Herb


Clear Glass, Fumed Base



What’s included:

  • 1x Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base
Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base

Raked Bubble Beaker Bong w/ Fumed Base