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Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe



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Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe by LA Pipes - A Quick Intro

Everyone needs a solid, pocket sized pipe in their glass collection, and with such an immense pattern and landscape to choose from, you want to at least make them pretty. 

LA Pipes knows pretty, and with this spiral patterned pipe, coming in an assortment of colors and patterns, you can have the nice looking, slightly retro patterned pipe all to yourself. These are all American made pipes, made in Southern California with the utmost care. 

If you were to ask us here at Everyone Does It, these pipes kind of remind us something out of the mid 1970s, you could imagine them as part of a prop on a movie like Licorice Pizza for example. 

The hand pipe is simple and economical, which means it is not always the prettiest thing. The point of these is simplicity, portability, and dependability. As a common household item like a shot glass or a pint glass, it is up to you to make them look nice.

Enjoy several different designs and spirals, like blue, green, amber, red, and teal. 

Top 5 Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe by LA Pipes Features 

Hand Crafted Design 

Allow LA Pipes to make a statement for you with this artisanal, retro design. Looking at these pipes you can tell there is a level of personalized touch that you would often see at your local head shop. Much better than something that looks mass produced and generic. 

Borosilicate Glass

These pipes are small enough to go anywhere with you, but that means they are small enough to fumble, drop, bump, or accidentally sit on. They are made of tough scientific glass - which means these accidents are far less a source of worry for you. 

Multiple Colors

The multiple designs and colors this comes in just add to the coolness of these pipes - coming in red, amber, teal, green, and blue. 

Hand Blown Glass

An artistic statement is a handmade one, and this ancient technique of constructing beautiful glass will not fail you here. 

Easy to Clean and Portable

Yes, portability is great and allows for a level of versatility that you would not get otherwise. But these raked spiral fume pipes are also easy to clean, and if you have ever used a pipe, you know that cleaning them out is important so that you are not tasting nasty ash and grime.

How To Use the Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe by LA Pipes

Here is how to use your LA Pipes Spiral Fumed pipe. 

1. How To Operate the Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe by LA Pipes

To use your hand pipe, just take on the following steps: 

With a grinder, take a nug or two of dried herbs and grind them up to a desired consistency. While you do not need to make it too fine, you also do not want a chunky consistency, otherwise, you are at risk for making a mess. 

Once you have packed the bowl with your herbs, take your pipe holding the bowl area between your thumb and pointer fingers, and cover the carb hole with one finger as you bring the mouthpiece to your lips.

Next, you will take a lighter and light up the dried herbs inside the bowl and inhale from the mouthpiece simultaneously. Do this slowly and gently. Repeat to your liking. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From the Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe by LA Pipes

Cleanliness is crucial to an enjoyable session, and this applies to bongs, vaporizers, and bongs as much as it does with pipes! Grime builds up so easily with these pipes, and keeping it sanitary is very important.

A clean pipe also makes for better taste and better hits.

Dried herb consistency is also important - try to keep it as uniform as possible so that 

you can have a personalized session with quality hits. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain the Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe by LA Pipes

Cleaning duties should happen often and happen thoroughly. The best way to clean a pipe is to rinse it with hot water, then an additional rinse with 99% alcohol, making sure to vigorously rinse each time. Repeat as many times as needed

To clean your raked spiral hand pipe of grime, dirt, and debris, since the isopropyl alcohol will merely loosen up buildup, take a small pipe cleaner (you can buy these at a craft store), and insert it into the pipe to remove any excess buildup. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some specific tech specs of your hand pipe. 


5 inches


Fumed Glass


Made in the USA

Glass Type

Hand Blown


Blue, Green, Amber, Red, Teal 


LA Pipes

What’s included:

  • 1 Hand blown Glass Coronavirus Hand Pipe
Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe

Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe