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12" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong



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Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong - A Quick Intro

Add a refreshing splash of color to your glass collection with this beautifully crafted Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong by LA pipes. This work of art is made from ultra-thick high-quality colored glass that is both durable and stunning. 

Every last detail on this glass bong, all the way down to the maria ring accents, adds an impressive level of efficiency and elegance. 

The classic lab beaker design of this fumed bong provides a nice and wide base that is less likely to tip over when left on the coffee table or counter. This beaker bong is also equipped with a fixed downstem that works to separate and diffuse the smoke before it reaches your mouth for ultra-smooth draws.

Top 5 Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong Features 

Raked color glass

This piece features beautifully fumed and raked burnt orange colored glass at its base and near the mouthpiece. This colorful bong is sure to stand out from the rest of your glass collection.

Beaker design

The classic lab beaker design of this bong gives the unit a nice and solid base that is less likely to get knocked over when left on a table. This larger base also gives the smoke more space to move around and properly filter through the water before it travels up towards the mouthpiece.

Fixed downstem

The downstem of a bong is a glass tube that pulls in smoke from the herb bowl towards the bottom or through the water of the bong to properly diffuse and filter your smoke. This process results in ultra-smooth hits that are easier on your throat and lungs. 

Deep bowl with handle

This colored beaker bong comes with an impressively deep herb bowl equipped with a convenient little handle that prevents users from burning their fingers on the hot glass of the bowl.

Flared Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of this glass rig is flared with raked-colored glass. Flared mouthpieces have elevated glass around them which allows them to conform effortlessly with your lips for superior comfort and a nice strong seal. 

How To Use Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong

Thanks to its incredibly simple design, this glass bong is one of the easiest pieces you will ever use. Operating this bong is as simple as filling your bowl with your favorite ground-up herb, lighting the bowl, and enjoying a satisfying hit.

1. How To Operate Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong

Set the colored glass bong on a flat surface such as a desk or counter, ensuring that the bowl is attached. Pour water into the bong through the mouthpiece until the slits of the downstem are covered. 

Grind your herb to a medium consistency, making sure the shreds aren’t small enough to fall through the bowl into the stem. Load the ground herb into the bowl then gently pat it down. 

Place your lips inside of the mouthpiece to create a tight seal, and use a lighter to light the bowl as you inhale. Remove the bowl from the bong when you are happy with the size of your pull, then clear the chamber. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong

Getting nice cool hits from this beaker bong is near effortless thanks to the fixed downstem that efficiently diffuses your smoke and the long neck design that allows room for the smoke to diffuse and cool down. 

If you are wanting extra chill hits from this bong, simply drop in some ice through the mouthpiece into the water below. Your smoke will travel through the cold water and significantly cool it down before it reaches the mouthpiece.

3. How To Clean/Maintain Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong

The straightforward design of this beaker bong makes it incredibly easy to keep clean. Start with removing the herb bowl from the rest of the unit and setting it into a container of isopropyl alcohol to soak for an hour or two.

Take your bong and pour isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt into the neck through the mouthpiece. Cover all open holes and give the unit a shake to clean off any residue inside. Pour out the dirty alcohol and repeat until clean.

When you have finished, rinse the bowl and the bong well with warm water to get rid of any alcohol residue left behind

Technical Specifications


9 inch

Joint Type


Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolator Type





LA Pipes

What’s included:

  • 1x Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong
12" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong

12" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong