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Regular Size Ultra Fine 78 Silver Rolling Papers

Regular Size Ultra Fine 78 Silver Rolling Papers

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The Regular Size Ultra Fine 78 Silver Rolling Papers is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Single Pack of 78mm rolling papers from market leaders, Rizla. Each pack contains 50 leaves of super thin rolling paper. Made from natural rice paper with a run preventing watermark.

    • 1 ¼ Size – 78mm

    • Natural Rice Paper

    • Super Fine Weight

    Paper Design 

    These special 78mm papers are approximately the same size as most 1 ¼ papers. Rizla make this size of paper in their famous slim silver weight for the discerning smoker who likes to roll solo smokes. Additionally, these papers are the perfect size for sticking together for complex, artistic builds.

    Famous Quality

    With a history that can be traced back to the 1800’s, Rizla papers are a trusted brand favoured by discerning smokers. Their full range includes papers of varying sizes and weights which are colour coded by pack colour. Silver are among the thinnest papers Rizla produce at around 20 microns – that’s thinner than a typical human hair!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Rizla
    material Natural, Rice paper
    sizes Single Wide - 68-70 x34-36mm 2.75 x 1.4 inches