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Rolling Papers King Size Slim Silver

Rolling Papers King Size Slim Silver

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  • Product Description

    Rizla Silver King Size Slim Rolling Paper is widely admired as the logical conclusion to four hundred years of the paper-maker’s art.

    Engineered to tolerances measured in microns (to ensure minimal taste interference) the Silver paper defies logic in its thinness – an almost two dimensional object. Individual strands of fibre combine for Silver’s unique combination of thinness and strength.

    Lightly polished card seems to reflect the light without ever becoming tastelessly shiny. Large, without ever trying to be. 32 sheets of king-sized craftsmanship in every packet.

    Choice of Single Pack or Box of 50 packets

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Rizla
    length 111mm
    material Rice paper
    sizes King Size 100-105 x 55-66mm 4x2 inches