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12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong



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12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong - A Quick Intro

With a removable bowl, a comfortable mouthpiece, a beaker base, and a sturdy thick glass design, this simplistic bong is a fit for anyone, particularly those of us who like a no muss, no fuss mentality. 

The rubber grommet feature gives you an airtight and worry free seal, and you will not be burning yourself thanks to the grip handle feature at the bowl. 

Your matching funnel bowl is included, and the fixed downstem feature makes this an extremely durable, classic, and easey to clean bong. 

Top 5 12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong Features 

Beaker Shape

At the base of this bong’s neck, you see a beaker shape, and this makes for an easy to store, easy to use bong. No tipping over, easy process when it comes to use, and easy to clean. 

45 Degree Joint

This bong has a commonly seen 45 degree joint, making it compatible with other 45 degree accessories. 

Female Bong Joint

Be sure to buy male joint pieces, accessories, and add ons for this bong. 

Borosilicate Glass

Luckily for you, this borosilicate glass design (or scientific glass as some call it!) are going to ensure that your bong is not a flimsy, easily broken product! 

Rubber Grommet

A rubber grommet is simply a rubber ring at the base of the joint, which leads into the bong’s chamber to diffuse the water with smoke. This is a female joint, so male bowl can be inserted securely. You won’t have to worry about parts falling out with the rubber grommet. 

How To Use The 12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong

1. How To Operate The 12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong

Fill the beaker bong with water til it just covers the downstem. You do not need a ton. Fill the bowl with your favorite dried herbs. Be sure to not over or under pack your herbs, as this can result in unsatisfactory results and lame sessions that you will decidedly not enjoy.

Overdoing it with the water is a bad idea, as you will get splash back if it goes too far up the neck, and that is not a pleasant experience whatsoever!

Light your dried herbs until they glow orange red. 

Inhale from the mouthpiece to draw smoke upwards through the zags, and enjoy!

2. How To Get Cool Hits From 12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong

The colder the water, the better the flavor and the better the hits. 

Be mindful of your bowl and how much is in there. Too little or too much can result in a blah session, so try to be cool about how much you put in there, and be ready forsome trial and error. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain 12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong

The design of this bong is very simple and classic, and that makes for an easy cleaning experience. You will fill your bong with 99% alcohol and some salts, and give it a good shake. Wipe down with wipes dampened with alcohol. Allow ample time for everything to fully dry before you use your bong again. 

Technical Specifications

Check out some of the technical specifications of your 12 inch Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong. 


12 inch

Joint Type


Glass Thickness

5 mm

Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolato Type

Tree Perc


Borosilicate Glass





What’s included:

  • Beaker Base Bong
  • Rubber Grommet
  • 45 degree joint
  • Female joint
  • Detachable bowl 
12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong

12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong