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Session Goods Modern Water Pipe: Unique Style

VENDOR: Session

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Session Bong - A Quick Intro

The session bong is a woman-founded luxury smoking brand based in San Francisco that is transforming the idea of what a bong should look like. While the attitudes around smoking have begun shifting, the products we are using have been stuck in the past. The session introduces a modernized, classy bong that is packed with functionality unlike you’ve ever seen. 

The Session bong is made from clear 4mm thick borosilicate glass with a tapered build that funnels smoke toward the large angled mouthpiece and lets users take hits while leaning back or lounging on a couch. The body of the Session Bong has a molded indent for an ergonomic grip with vibrant silicone footers at the bottom that add a dash of color, are comfortable in the hand, and help protect against scratches from setting on tabletops. 

Top 5 Session Bong Features 

Large Mouthpiece + Tapered Build

The simple design of the Session Bong sports an incredibly classy minimalist look, while also providing quite a bit of functionality. This designer bong features a mouth opening that is larger than traditional glass bongs, allowing for massive rips of smoke and the ability to add ice cubes for cooler hits.

The mouthpiece of the Session Bong is also angled so that users can enjoy a session while leaning back or lounging on the couch. These innovative features paired with the tapered build of the water bong that funnels smoke upwards towards the mouthpiece result in super dense, great-tasting rips every time. 

Thick Borosilicate Glass

The body, bowl, and downstem of the Session Bong are made from high-quality borosilicate glass that is 4mm thick. This durable glass gives this classy bong more resistance to thermal shock and makes it a lot harder to break when dropped on the floor. Session also includes extra pieces in case anything does go wrong. 

Silicone Footers

Along with the ultra-durable glass, Session also includes a silicone footer that protects the glass from breaking while adding a dash of color. These silicone covers are available in a variety of colors to match your personality including, charcoal, indigo, horizon, celery, and blush.

They do a great job of concealing the unsightly water and downstem while also providing a fill line for users to add the perfect amount of water every time they prep for a bong session. When setting your designer bong down on a tabletop, the silicone covers also prevent any scratches on the bottom of the bong. 

Comfortable in the Hand

The innovative design of the Session bong not only looks nice in your hands but is also comfortable to hold due to the water bong’s sturdy build and soft silicone footers at the bottom. The Session Bong also allows for an effortless grip thanks to its ergonomic indent in the middle. 

Easy To Clean Design

The simplicity of the Session Bong’s design makes the unit very easy to clean compared to traditional bongs with huge bases and long skinny necks.

The water in the Session Bong does not fill up all the way to the middle but instead stays below the silicone cover so the glass body of the unit will not get visibly dirty as quickly as other bongs on the market which takes a lot of time out of cleaning.

Cleaning this bong is as simple as letting the pieces soak overnight and reassembling in the morning. With the Session Bong, you can spend less time cleaning your glass bong and more time using it.

How To Use Session Bong

As previously mentioned, the design of the Session Bong eliminates the struggles that come with cleaning more traditional bongs. The clear glass, straightforward build, and largemouth opening make this bong a breeze to keep clean. 

1. How To Operate Session Bong

The session comes partially preassembled with a grommet and silicone footer already attached. You’ll want to insert the downstem completely and press it completely flat against the grommet.

If the downstem is not pushed all the way against the grommet, you will not get the best experience from your bong session. 

You can then pick your bowl of choice, the small one is for personal use while the larger bowl is for massive rips or sharing with friends. Thread the silicone tab into the neck of the bow, sliding the tab up until it pops into position. Place the assembled bowl and tab into the downstem, making sure that it can slide in and out with ease. 

Finish the assembly by filling the Session bong with water up until the top of the silicone footer then pack the bowl with ground herb, the tab can be pushed down to stand the bowl upright as you pack it. If you will be adding ice, make sure you remove the downstem before doing so.

Place your packed bowl into the designer bong, again making sure that the downstem is pressed against the grommet. Now light the bowl as you gently inhale, remove the bowl to fully inhale, and clear the chamber. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Session Bong

There are always a few extra steps you can take to get the smoothest, coolest hits possible from your water bong. Start by making sure that you are properly cleaning and maintaining your Session Bong.

The best hits will come from a bong that is properly clean with the correct amount of fresh water and properly ground herb. When filling up the bong with water, only fill up until the top of the silicone footer.

The best way to achieve nice cool hits is to add ice into the chamber, but make sure to remove the downstem before throwing in any ice cubes. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Session Bong

Prepare the Session Bong for cleaning by pouring ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and ¼ cup of coarse salt into the body of the classy bong. Insert the large cap into the mouth opening and the small cap into the grommet hole.

Hold both caps in place then shake bong vigorously until clean, then rinse with water. The grommet, bowls, and downstem can be removed put into rubbing alcohol and soaked for a few hours. Before reassembling, rinse them well with water and dry them.

Technical Specifications


10 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

10 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree



Glass Thickness



Charcoal, Indigo, Celery, Blush, Paradise, Moonlight, Horizon, 



What’s in the box:

  • 1x 10 in Session Bong
  • 1x 4 mm thick glass
  • 1x 10 mm bowl joint
  • 1x large bowl
  • 1x small bowl
  • 1x Protective silicone footer (interchangeable)
  • 1x Extra grommet
  • 2x 14 mm downstems
Session Goods Modern Water Pipe: Unique Style

Session Goods Modern Water Pipe: Unique Style