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Slick Stack Hybrid Tray

Slick Stack Hybrid Tray

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  • Product Description

    Slick Stack Hybrid Tray by Kindtray

    The Slick Stack Hybrid Tray by Kindtray is a very versatile all-round smoking tray packed with clever design features to keep all your smoking paraphernalia neat and organised.  This tray includes two silicone Slick Stack containers for oils or waxes and a removable oil slick pad.  The numerous cut-outs will snugly accommodate a grinder, bubbler, silicone containers, as well as slots for skins, a lighter and two holes for a 14mm and 19mm bowl. 

    All the trays featured in the Kindtray range are made in the USA from sustainable woods and are coated in a natural, protective food-safe finish.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Kindtray
    height 11mm
    length 251mm
    material Wood
    width 251mm