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Spoon Pipe Stained Glass Orange Flower

Spoon Pipe Stained Glass Orange Flower

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  • Product Description

    Talent Glass - Stained Glass Spoon Pipe

    Talent Glass founder, Brent Cook always aims to provide his customers with superior glass quality. The highly skilled glassblower is a vital part in the creation of each piece that Talent Glass release.

    The spoon pipe's stained glass design comes to life at the end of the bowl. This stained red, black and blue pattern is a harsh contrast from the rest of the pipe but still fits perfectly into the grand design. The mouthpiece end of the spoon pipe is just as awe-inspiring with its delicate swirls of rainbow colours.

    Made from high quality borosilicate glass, the team at Talent Glass equip the piece with a fully functional carb hole that helps the user get their desired result from the smoking device. The carb hole also has the secondary function of making cleaning the pipe simple.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Talent Glassworks
    material Glass