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Standard Ash Catcher 90 Degrees 14mm
Standard Ash Catcher 45 Degrees
Standard Ash Catcher 45 Degrees
Standard Ash Catcher 45 Degrees
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    Standard Ash Catcher 45 Degrees

    Grav Labs - Standard Ash Catcher - 45 Degrees.

    This 3 piece ash catcher is designed to be cleaned with ease. It features an 18.8mm>14.5mm showerhead diffuser that cleanses the smoke of most impurities and adds filtration and cooling. Made with the highest quality USA borosilicate glass. Choose either the 14.5mm or 18mm when placing your order with us. This is a great product and works a treat with stemless pipes using the 45 degree joint.

    • Grav Labs Ash Catcher
    • Scientific Glass
    • 45 Degrees
    • Removable Diffused Showerhead Downstem
    • Removable Bowl

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