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Steamboat Straight Tube Stemless Bong

Steamboat Straight Tube Stemless Bong

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The Steamboat Straight Tube Stemless Bong is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Steamboat Straight Tube Stemless Bong | Weed Star


    The Steamboat Straight Tube Stemless Bong from Weed Star is an instant classic. Opaque black or white glass makes up the tube and mouthpiece, and the slitted inline perc is colored to match. It’s fitted with a 19mm female ground joint, which perfectly holds the included 19mm male slide bowl. Just below the lip, it’s finished off with the “WS” Weed Star Logo in a striking red.


    • 19mm Female Ground Joint

    • 19mm Male Slide Bowl

    • 13 Inch Height

    • Stemless Design

    • Inline Slitted Diffuser

    • 5mm Thick Borosilicate Glass

    • Red Weed Star Logo

    • Colored Glass Sections (see drop down for availability)


    Keep it Simple

    Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of ALL your bong components – but since this is a stemless design, you have no downstem to worry about! Just the bong and bowl are all you need for a successful session every time.


    Dependably Durable

    Weed Star is well known for their theriously thick glass. The 5mm borosilicate glass walls are sure to hold up against human clumsiness.


    Black and White and Red All Over

    Style isn’t always crystal clear – that’s why they’ve added colored glass sections to this piece. The mouthpiece, tube, and inline perc are all made from color coordinated glass. Choose from Black or White – see dropdown for availability.


  • Technical Specifications
    brand Weed Star
    diffuser Slitted
    glass thichness 5mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    percolator Barrel