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Stemless Barrel and Honeycomb Perc Glass Bong
Stemless Barrel and Honeycomb Perc Glass Bong

Stemless Barrel and Honeycomb Perc Glass Bong
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EDIT Collection
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In a Nutshell
  • Full accessory set -ready to use
  • Radiused mouthpiece
  • Twin chamber Rush

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  • Product Description

    Stemless Barrel And Honeycomb Perc Glass Bong

    This stemless glass bong from the EDIT Collection injects into a barrel percolator at the base and then passes through a narrowing honeycomb percolator. Featuring a female 18.8mm ground joint, this fantastic percolator dab rig comes complete with a bowl slide, ice notches, glass concentrate nail and matching dome.

    This piece guarantees you a cool, smooth, and comfortable dab hit with every use!

    This Piece Features

    • Female 18.8mm Joint
    • Barrel and Honeycomb Percolators
    • Includes Bowl Slide, Concentrate Nail & Dome
    • 5mm Borosilicate Glass
    • Choice of Clear, Black or White Accents
    • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection

    Double Percolators

    Built with two highly-effective percolators, this glass piece is designed to provide the user with the coolest and smoothest hit possible. Filtering the smoke not once but twice, the inline diffuser that sits at the bottom of the can diffuses the smoke of your hit to increase in surface area and increase the water’s ability to cool it down considerably. Due to the suction, this smoke then rises up where the filtration process reoccurs with the honeycomb percolator. The eventual outcome is a much smoother and more comfortable dabbing experience for you!

    Two Heads Are Better Than One

    Looking to satisfy all water pipe enthusiasts, EDIT's design team has equipped this glass piece with a bowl slide and a vapour dome & nail. This enables the glass piece to be used with dry herbs and concentrates. Simply interchange between the two and away you go! You won’t find a piece as versatile as this for such a bargain price anywhere else!

    Ice Notches

    The EDIT design team include the ever-popular 3 pinch ice notch method. Dropping a number of ice cubes down the tube, the cubes will simply lodge just above the three notches. When in use, the smoke will then be forced to pass through the ice, which results in an immensely chilled hit for the user. Resulting in an arctic hit that will go down smooth

    EDIT Collection

    EDIT is our own-brand collection of high quality bongs and dab rigs. We stock some of the finest glass you can find, so naturally we know what quality is. We've taken the lessons we've learned and applied them to our own creations. You can be sure that in the EDIT collection that you'll find the highest quality glassware at bargain prices. Perfect for newcomers looking for their first piece or for veterans seeking to expand their collection.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand EDIT Collection
    glass thickness 5mm
    includes Glass Nail, Vapour Dome
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    percolator Honeycomb, Inline, Multiple Percolators
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